There is no more clarity at work today than there was yesterday:(


I had another very unproductive day;(. I managed to change where my calendar was, sort out some books on kindness, calmness and safety as that is the catch phrase here right now and start to cut out math manipulatives. Nothing all that interesting and I really wish I knew more. The two days I was to get to prepare for students is pretty useless when I have no clue what grade or how many students I will have. I will end up looking bad in front of the parents when I am unprepared on Monday:(

The most interesting thing was that I listened to music on my walk to and from school today as I am responsible for studying country songs that feature other artists for trivia. If anyone knows any, please let me know.


I got out of school at my scheduled time of 3:45 and came home to get my bathroom cleaned as that was my job for today. So far I have been able to stick to the schedule, which is good as I’ve decided that anything I don’t get done, I have to do on Saturdays.


I have been having broccoli salad for lunches this week. This is my second salad of this List at Love and Lemons that I am making my way through. Her recipe does not call for bacon, but I did put some in. The recipe cost me about $19 to make and has given me 5 one cup servings for the week. It still seems expensive to me. I do like the addition of the Smokey nuts to it though.


I did just straight weights tonight and followed Dennis’ plan- three sets of ten with increasing weight. I did: shoulder press, crunches, squats, front raises, reverse crunches, overhead tricep extension, plié squats, heel drops, lateral raises, side to side heel touches, curtsy lunges, bent over rows, bicycle crunches, deadlifts, upright rows, scissor legs, hip raises, bicep curls, dead bugs, side shuffle, pullovers, toe touches, hamstring curls, chest press, plank and traveling plié squats.

I also stretched and rolled. My hip bugged me a bit all day, but after rolling it seems to feel better. I am thinking I had better roll daily for a bit.

Well that is my non-exciting day.

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Still Murky

  1. My friend who’s a teaching assistant got sent home today in the middle of a lesson, once all the kids had been collected, because a child in the year group has tested positive for Covid. They’ve been in school 3 full days …

    1. Oh that is not good!! We are thinking they’re going to keep us in no matter what. We’re being told we might not even be told if someone has ot

  2. Your school sounds like the one I used to teach at. Why are there no timely answers to some very important questions? Good luck this year. You know it will be fun once the kids arrive.

  3. Wait so you don’t know what grade you’re teaching yet? Is that because of changes due to covid? I have faith that you will be great once you get the kids and start teaching.

    Rolling a little each day should help your hip for sure!

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