Well at 3:33 this afternoon I finally got a class. Too bad the work day was over already and the kids arrive at 8:45 Monday morning.

Can you tell that I was super annoyed?!?! Actually I was downright angry! People don’t seem to understand that there is stuff that has to be done before the kids come on the door.

I actually had small groups of kids today. Really not sure why they couldn’t all come at one time since they will be on Monday, but oh well.

I have been given a straight grade one class and so has my teaching buddy. While we will not be able to put our classes together, at least we can plan and prep together.

I asked to have one student in my class, but that was denied. 😖🙄😖

So far it seems as though I have several very confident girls and a couple of kids who never stop talking and a couple of boys who can’t sit still. We shall see how it goes next week.


I was angry enough that my friends at work dragged me out for happy hour. I wasn’t the only one who was angry and frustrated so it was a good thing that we got the chance to vent. I really do love working with friends.


Since coming home, I have been knitting in the hopes of being calm. I will try the top on tomorrow morning and then go from there.

Well, I’m going to go crawl into bed with my book.

Have fun!


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