Saturday was tough, but today was much better.

On Saturday I felt like the world was against me, but it was all just little annoying things.

I started the day with a very short run as I didn’t want to aggravate my hip before my Sunday long run.

I then had to play around with the tire inflator until it would work. I drove to the tire shop, worried about how fast it would deflate, but I made it. The seal was broken, so it turned out to be a pretty cheap fix, though I did get told I need four new tires before winter. I’m hoping for a new car instead.

I stopped on the way home to deal with the fact that Chapters had sent me yet another copy of the book I had ordered. I wonder how many they are going to send me?!?!

When I got home, I was settling in for an afternoon of cross stitch when my tea toppled and spilled all over the cross stitch I have been working on all year. I put it into water quickly and hope that it is not tea stained.

Things settled down for a while, until I decided that I should do my weights. I was just getting into the groove of my weights workout when I managed to spill a full water bottle all over my spare bedroom and then my weight rack fell over. The guy downstairs came up to check on me cause it made that much noise!

At this point I decided to crawl into bed and read my book!


Today started with a nice ten kilometer run with Sarah and Dennis. It was much slower than I would normally go, but was still good to get out.

After coffee, I went grocery shopping and got food for the week. I went on to my third salad recipe from Love and Lemons called brussel sprout salad. It was very easy to make. I used my mandolin to cut the brussel sprouts and managed not to hurt myself this time. I really love the OXO glove I bought for using my mandolin, grater and rasper!

I cooked up a roast beef for the week and did some baking, but you’ll have to wait until the last Saturday to hear about that.

Between bouts of knitting, I face timed with the Bookclub and talked on the phone with a friend.

At this point I think I’m going to crawl into bed with my knitting so that the weekend will end on a high point.

Have fun!


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