It was a tough first day and I feel like I’ve been beat up or run over by a truck:(

My little people cane in the door and we started on the hour and a half that we would spend washing our hands today.

That’s the worst thing about the first day – it’s all boring stuff! We covered the Covid rules. We sorted out our supplies and they had music.

The worst part was when there was an announcement first thing this morning that children weren’t allowed outside today, at all, because of the air quality. The first day of school and these poor little five year olds had to stay in their desks all day:(

I broke out the centre bags for recess and lunch, put on the Go Noodle several times, and in the afternoon we went and did running and aerobics in the gym, just to try and survive the day.

Of course, just as we were cleaning up for home time, we got told dismissal was delayed due to wildlife. OMG! What else could happen?

We finally got the kids out the door and then had to sit through an hour of a useless meeting. I at least got some September/October duo-tangs made up (someone changed our supply order😖) and the individual student calendars cut out. (We are no longer allowed to do calendar together:(). After the meeting I got my name tags taped down (even though we were told today that we weren’t allowed to put name tags on desks), and the centre bags labeled and a sign up sheet created.

This is when the crazy busy starts, now that I actually have students. Wish I could have done some of this stuff last week!

I was very proud of myself for doing my floors when I got home because it was really the last thing I wanted to do! It felt very good though!

I am now going to go collapse into bed!

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Run Over

  1. ugh! this year is going to be tough because you are trying to do all the before school starts things after school has started. the first week of school is the worst in my opinion… it is not fun for the teachers or the kids. But you will get through this!

      1. that is part of the reason I left the classroom this year. It is so hard to find ways to make it meaningful and enjoyable while following the expectations of the year of Covid! You will figure it out. If there is anything I can do feel free to contact me!

  2. We are finishing up our second week. We phased in the 7th grade students and next week our 8th graders start. I am exhausted!! I get to bed at a decent hour because I get up at 4:45am!

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