Well not a bad day, except my feet hurt all day!


We did some work on the class rules. I decided this year just to write out my rules and have a discussion around them. Normally I brainstorm, but because I have in mind what I want, it never feels authentic. This process seemed to work well.

We also did our first piece of hallway writing. The students write about all major events and I display it in the hallway and at the end of the year, I make a book out of it. The coolest thing is seeing how far they have come! Today we wrote about what we think grade one will be and what we want to learn about.

This afternoon we read Officer Buckle and Gloria and we drew pictures of safety rules. These guys weren’t as creative, but that’s okay.


After school I walked home in actual sunshine, though we had another inside day due to air quality again. I got my dusting done and all of my plants watered. I also got the sewing machine oil cleaned up. It’s a good thing my brother called me this morning g looking for elastic!


Tonight there were five of us and it was definitely our worst trivia night so far. We just couldn’t pull it together. Some of the things we knew:

Where was the Twilight series set?


Who has played the most games for the Vancouver Canucks?

Hebron Sedin

Who is the CEO of Tesla?

Elon Musk

Which letter is the most common bigram?


Who wrote Of Mice and Men?

John Steinbeck

Who are the three Scooby Doo characters?

Daphne, Velma, Fres

Where did the Utah Jazz move from?

New Orleans

Where is Jackson Triggs wine from?


What is the second full moon in a month called?

Blue Moon

In the music round we knew:

Michael Jackson- Black and White

Trooper- Raise a Little Hell

Three Dog Night- Joy to the World

Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA

Outkast- Hey Ya

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

      1. Desks are separated, no sharing of anything and do my best to remind them to stay apart. They’re only allowed to be with their class.

  1. I missed the post where you found out what grade you’re teaching! Writing the rules and having a discussion about them is a good idea, less room for silly rules that kids think of.

    Trivia seemed hard this week! I knew some of them but definitely had to look up with a bigram was haha

    1. Yes I finally found out late last Friday. It’s been a very tiring week and we’re only halfway.
      We were truly horrible at trivia and mostly just guessed. Thankfully he explained a bigram as I had never heard of it either!

      1. Oh gosh, I’m sorry you heard so late. Just think that now you have less work days to the weekend than you did yesterday since we’re halfway through the week.
        It’s good he explained a bigram! I would have completely guessed, I mean I probably still would just have to guess but at least I could think a bit better with an explanation.

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