Boy do my feet ever hurt from those shoes yesterday and boy can sore feet impact your day!


It was tough going to work today because I was tired and my teaching buddy is off on Wednesday’s.

We got through an All About Me sheet and another worksheet on rules. One little boy figured out that sharing toys was both good and bad because “normally we share, but during COVID it’s bad to share”. We ended up putting both a happy and sad face on that one. We also learned how to put papers into our duo-tangs and we read lots of books.

I bet the kids would say the best part of today was that they got to go outside for ten minutes between recess and lunch and ten minutes after lunch, but not actually for recess and lunch. Unfortunately they were trying to play hide and seek but there is nowhere to hide in our current playground zone:(. Standing still didn’t work so well🤣

The two bad parts were that they are refusing to refill my portable soap dispenser now and are insisting students use the wall dispenser. There’s just one problem- my students can’t reach it and if I put a stool there, I would have a stool in the middle of a walkway 🙄. Secondly, I went to put salt on my brussel sprout salad at lunch and the entire kid came off and dumped all of the salt on my salad. I wasn’t a happy camper!


I rushed home to clean my bathroom so I wouldn’t have to after my run.

Dennis and I did the first workout of the season- one minute hard and one minute recovery, repeat ten times. I hadn’t noticed the smoke in the air so much, until I started trying to run hard. Safe to say it wasn’t my best workout.

I also got a short weights routine in. My heart just wasn’t in it as it was already late evening and I hadn’t even sat down yet. Sometimes being committed to exercise makes it feel like I do nothing else after work.


Once again I have had a farmers market across the street from me since the summer and I finally made it there today, on the last day. It was very small as they were trying out a midweek Fall day, but I had wanted to try a new gluten free, dairy free bakery. I picked up some treats to try, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.

Well, I think that’s the sum total of my day.

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Sore Feet

  1. That’s awful about the soap dispenser, how thoughtless of them. Careful in this bad air quality, too. You are amazingly committed to all that you do – a real role model.

  2. don’t you love when people make decisions about protocol and don’t put all the factors into the decision? Umm either move the dispenser lower OR fill the portable one come on people it isn’t that hard! Hope your Friday Eve goes smoothly for you

  3. I can only imagine what the AQI is there…we are getting it here, though nothing like you, but just this little bit is making me cough.😳 I can’t imagine you running in yours!!

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