I think I’d better start thinking of what I am happy about as there are just too many things driving me crazy at work. The fact I can’t run due to the air quality isn’t helping either!

Thankful #1:

I have five awesome friends at work who help me get through the day. They have my back and they make me laugh and help me problem solve. Work would be unbearable without them!

Thankful #2

That I live now. I got to try four different treats from a gluten free, dairy free bakery today. While I found two quite dry, the pecan bar and the brownie were quite lovely. I don’t even want to think about what it would be like to have these allergies years ago!

Thankful #3

I got chosen for another Alicia Plums test knit. This is for a super cute lacy cardigan and it gives me the opportunity to go yarn shopping as I have absolutely no yarn that is Aran weight! Can you believe it?!?!

Thankful #4

I am starting to get organized at work. There is still a ton to do and each day is very busy, but I have to be up to date at some point. It definitely helps that my class seems quite well behaved this year:)

Thankful #5:

My Garmin sports watch. While I shouldn’t go out for a run when we have the worst air quality in the world and my feet hurt too much to workout, at least my watch keeps me on track and let’s me know that I’ve made my step goal before I even leave work. The walk to and from work help, but having it so that my students can’t get up, means I do all the running around the classroom. If nothing else, it must burn calories.

Thankful #6:

My new routine. I am absolutely loving putting down the phone and picking up a paperback before bed. I find myself looking forward to this time all day!

Well, I’m going to take my tired little body off to bed!

Have fun!


14 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. I’m shocked you don’t have the right type of yarn. I feel like you have everything!

    It’s so weird you mention living with allergies right. A friend of mine is gluten and dairy free for allergies like you and she is able to find so many different options both in grocery stores and when she’s at restaurants. If I make a reservation for us, I always check the menu for her to find things that are already gf/df or easily customizable to make them safe for her to eat. It stinks that gf/df lifestyles being trendy is how people with actual medical issues related to gluten and dairy have an easier time eating.

    1. Yup but those people who do it for a lifestyle also make it more difficult because people don’t take it seriously. It’s both great and horrible. It is funny how much it’s changed even in my life cause those were both unheard of things when I was a kid

      1. That was part of the conversation soon! I think a lot of times as long as you say you’re gluten intolerant or celiac then it’s taken seriously. Just hope those that are following the trend don’t take advantage of it

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