I would just really like it if I could get everyone in the classroom organized and be done with it! Today I had two more students join us so I have finally seen all students except one. I just wish they would all send all the supplies!! Every day I get dribs and drabs and I never feel organized:(

We got through calendar, music, math, journal, silent reading, science and outdoor play. My students have the playground this week so they are super happy! I say we got through all of those things, but most were abbreviated and not completed how I wanted them to be:(

Tomorrow we will try again.

I wanted to show you the self portraits we did on Friday afternoon. We did each part together and they are super funny. I am still waiting for two more kids to finish.

I left work really quickly to get to my massage appointment and boy did that feel great after the run yesterday!


I have been knitting the test knit?, but it seems extremely large and am thinking I should go down even more.

Well sorry it’s not that interesting.

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Organizing

  1. It’s nice to know that others have days they don’t consider scintillating. I can tell you one thing. My being in a classroom with children would be a horrendous nightmare. I am so glad there are dedicated teachers like you!

    1. It was so great for them to be able to get out! The district changed our supply list without asking or telling us, so it’s very frustrating this year

      1. I just read something this week about something here that we can watch local TV by streaming it on our computers and it is free. They mentioned something called Locast.org, though this is not through Locast. I want to sign up now but probably won’t look at it til Winter when I am in the house more. I am all for that as I cancelled my cable TV ten years ago as I never watched it. And no antenna is needed – we had the handyman take down the antenna years ago.

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