It was quite a productive day.


My colleague from work was supposed to run with me this morning, but I woke up to a text saying it was raining too hard. To be fair, it was running so hard that I drove to work and I was a little worried about what my hip would do, so it’s probably a good thing. Though I am really starting to worry about my mileage:(

This evening I did a NourishMoveLove workout. It was her new 30 minute yoga sculpt. It was a neat workout because it changed quickly and I did mindfully try to keep my pelvis lifted while I was doing it.

Maybe tomorrow I will get out for a little run in the morning as I am kicking myself for not getting one in this morning.


Today was a ProD day and it actually felt quite productive as my teaching buddy is working Fridays this year. We got our Teams set up in case we go virtual (I really don’t think we will be). We also got our TOC book written and reviewed our year plan and made some plans. Not a lot, but things we can’t get done when the kids are there.

The funniest/saddest story I heard today was that a little girl refuses to wear anything but grey leggings each day which she insists her mom or dad warms up with a blow dryer before she puts them on. The sad part is that the parents are actually doing this!!!


I grabbed Gus after my school day and we went for ice cream. I had the raspberry pistachio, but then they gave me a taste of the new raspberry cheesecake that I had requested. It was amazing!!! I just can’t imagine how I used to eat two scoops though as I was stuffed!

Well I’m going to go crawl into bed and read my book.

Have fun!


12 thoughts on “Productive

    1. I also often place clothing in front of my fireplace, however I never required my parents to do it for me, not did I have a meltdown about it. I’m pretty sure you didn’t either😱

    1. Yes they certainly are! We no longer have to wonder what is going on with this little girl and why she seems to have trouble listening and following directions.
      And sorry I hit the wrong face- I know you would never do that- I was going for the wink

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