I really need to make some plans for my weekends!


It was just Sarah and I for the run this morning so we went to Hyde Creek and ran ten kilometers there. I tried to be really cognizant of engaging that deep stomach muscle while I was running. My hip got a little sore as I think at times I was tucking my hip instead of engaging my abs. It was definitely better than last week though!

This afternoon I also did a half hour of weights. I didn’t want to do a NourishMoveLove workout after a long run, so I just did straight weights.


I have re-knitted the toque, but am still not happy with it. I will take it to work so Lyndsay can test it, but I think the yarn is too stiff for the style of hat she chose.

I haven’t done much else and think I’ll go to read in bed.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Solitary Sunday

  1. weekends are a hard mix of wanting to do nothing and wanting to do something (anything not involving work). Glad you are finding a way to run and not aggravate your hip/back. Hope your Monday feels less like a typical Monday today

  2. I like part of the weekend where you feel like you don’t do anything. Makes it feel like you actually relaxed instead of go, go, go.

    Good reminder to engage your core while running!

      1. I feel like it would be perfect if I had one thing planned for the weekend and the rest was relaxing, but I need some social interaction!

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