It was a fine day- nothing extraordinary at school.


We had a productive day, I guess. I always find Wednesday’s tough because my teaching buddy is off so it’s a lot more lonely.

We did calendar and a lesson on Orange Shirt Day. I was happy with my lesson as my sister in law recommended the book, When We Were Alone. It was great for my age group and gave some good concrete examples they could understand without going too deep. We then talked about how students should feel at school. I was incredibly impressed with some of the words they came up with- secure, safe, loved. Also when we were talking about the kids being taken to residential schools they can up with the word heartbroken! I think these guys are going to keep me on my toes!

We worked on our number booklet some more and then in the afternoon we had silent reading and took a close look at the Western Hemlock Looper Moths that are an infestation right now. The students were super engaged!

The best part of the day for me was finishing the alphabet letters and sounds assessment for all but two students. Tomorrow I’ll finish off the two and then I need to start on sight word assessment. Hopefully at some point I get to start teaching!


I left right after school for another physio appt. and I felt good afterwards, though my back is a little sore now. He told me to go for a walk and put the heating pad on it and so far I’ve followed his advice. Hopefully just one more appointment will do it, though he says once a month for maintenance would be good. I’m all over that as I don’t think I’ve had such loose muscles since I started running.


I finished Lyndsay’s toque tonight and hopefully I will get a picture tomorrow when it’s on her head.

Well I’m going to curl up and finish my book.

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Orange Shirt Day

    1. Oh it’s September 30th every year and it’s a day to acknowledge all the First Nations children who were forced to go to residential schools.

  1. This class sounds like a great group, especially after all the behavior challenges last year, thou I bet the 2nd grade teacher is either ready to give you a medal or wondering how you managed to survive last year!😉

    1. This class is super wonderful so far! Some of my toughest challenges are being home schooled this year so the grade two teacher dodged a bullet

  2. sounds like things are smoothing out in school and that you’ve got a good class, after the last few you deserve a good bunch! Assessment times always seem to drag on and feel like you never finish anything since each child needs that one-on-one time for assessments and every other child needs to be occupied! But, later in the year it is so worth it when you see the growth

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