Thankful Thursday

I think I’d better start thinking of what I am happy about as there are just too many things driving me crazy at work. The fact I can’t run due to the air quality isn’t helping either!

Thankful #1:

I have five awesome friends at work who help me get through the day. They have my back and they make me laugh and help me problem solve. Work would be unbearable without them!

Thankful #2

That I live now. I got to try four different treats from a gluten free, dairy free bakery today. While I found two quite dry, the pecan bar and the brownie were quite lovely. I don’t even want to think about what it would be like to have these allergies years ago!

Thankful #3

I got chosen for another Alicia Plums test knit. This is for a super cute lacy cardigan and it gives me the opportunity to go yarn shopping as I have absolutely no yarn that is Aran weight! Can you believe it?!?!

Thankful #4

I am starting to get organized at work. There is still a ton to do and each day is very busy, but I have to be up to date at some point. It definitely helps that my class seems quite well behaved this year:)

Thankful #5:

My Garmin sports watch. While I shouldn’t go out for a run when we have the worst air quality in the world and my feet hurt too much to workout, at least my watch keeps me on track and let’s me know that I’ve made my step goal before I even leave work. The walk to and from work help, but having it so that my students can’t get up, means I do all the running around the classroom. If nothing else, it must burn calories.

Thankful #6:

My new routine. I am absolutely loving putting down the phone and picking up a paperback before bed. I find myself looking forward to this time all day!

Well, I’m going to take my tired little body off to bed!

Have fun!


Sore Feet

Boy do my feet ever hurt from those shoes yesterday and boy can sore feet impact your day!


It was tough going to work today because I was tired and my teaching buddy is off on Wednesday’s.

We got through an All About Me sheet and another worksheet on rules. One little boy figured out that sharing toys was both good and bad because “normally we share, but during COVID it’s bad to share”. We ended up putting both a happy and sad face on that one. We also learned how to put papers into our duo-tangs and we read lots of books.

I bet the kids would say the best part of today was that they got to go outside for ten minutes between recess and lunch and ten minutes after lunch, but not actually for recess and lunch. Unfortunately they were trying to play hide and seek but there is nowhere to hide in our current playground zone:(. Standing still didn’t work so well🤣

The two bad parts were that they are refusing to refill my portable soap dispenser now and are insisting students use the wall dispenser. There’s just one problem- my students can’t reach it and if I put a stool there, I would have a stool in the middle of a walkway 🙄. Secondly, I went to put salt on my brussel sprout salad at lunch and the entire kid came off and dumped all of the salt on my salad. I wasn’t a happy camper!


I rushed home to clean my bathroom so I wouldn’t have to after my run.

Dennis and I did the first workout of the season- one minute hard and one minute recovery, repeat ten times. I hadn’t noticed the smoke in the air so much, until I started trying to run hard. Safe to say it wasn’t my best workout.

I also got a short weights routine in. My heart just wasn’t in it as it was already late evening and I hadn’t even sat down yet. Sometimes being committed to exercise makes it feel like I do nothing else after work.


Once again I have had a farmers market across the street from me since the summer and I finally made it there today, on the last day. It was very small as they were trying out a midweek Fall day, but I had wanted to try a new gluten free, dairy free bakery. I picked up some treats to try, but they will have to wait until tomorrow.

Well, I think that’s the sum total of my day.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Well not a bad day, except my feet hurt all day!


We did some work on the class rules. I decided this year just to write out my rules and have a discussion around them. Normally I brainstorm, but because I have in mind what I want, it never feels authentic. This process seemed to work well.

We also did our first piece of hallway writing. The students write about all major events and I display it in the hallway and at the end of the year, I make a book out of it. The coolest thing is seeing how far they have come! Today we wrote about what we think grade one will be and what we want to learn about.

This afternoon we read Officer Buckle and Gloria and we drew pictures of safety rules. These guys weren’t as creative, but that’s okay.


After school I walked home in actual sunshine, though we had another inside day due to air quality again. I got my dusting done and all of my plants watered. I also got the sewing machine oil cleaned up. It’s a good thing my brother called me this morning g looking for elastic!


Tonight there were five of us and it was definitely our worst trivia night so far. We just couldn’t pull it together. Some of the things we knew:

Where was the Twilight series set?


Who has played the most games for the Vancouver Canucks?

Hebron Sedin

Who is the CEO of Tesla?

Elon Musk

Which letter is the most common bigram?


Who wrote Of Mice and Men?

John Steinbeck

Who are the three Scooby Doo characters?

Daphne, Velma, Fres

Where did the Utah Jazz move from?

New Orleans

Where is Jackson Triggs wine from?


What is the second full moon in a month called?

Blue Moon

In the music round we knew:

Michael Jackson- Black and White

Trooper- Raise a Little Hell

Three Dog Night- Joy to the World

Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA

Outkast- Hey Ya

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Run Over

It was a tough first day and I feel like I’ve been beat up or run over by a truck:(

My little people cane in the door and we started on the hour and a half that we would spend washing our hands today.

That’s the worst thing about the first day – it’s all boring stuff! We covered the Covid rules. We sorted out our supplies and they had music.

The worst part was when there was an announcement first thing this morning that children weren’t allowed outside today, at all, because of the air quality. The first day of school and these poor little five year olds had to stay in their desks all day:(

I broke out the centre bags for recess and lunch, put on the Go Noodle several times, and in the afternoon we went and did running and aerobics in the gym, just to try and survive the day.

Of course, just as we were cleaning up for home time, we got told dismissal was delayed due to wildlife. OMG! What else could happen?

We finally got the kids out the door and then had to sit through an hour of a useless meeting. I at least got some September/October duo-tangs made up (someone changed our supply order😖) and the individual student calendars cut out. (We are no longer allowed to do calendar together:(). After the meeting I got my name tags taped down (even though we were told today that we weren’t allowed to put name tags on desks), and the centre bags labeled and a sign up sheet created.

This is when the crazy busy starts, now that I actually have students. Wish I could have done some of this stuff last week!

I was very proud of myself for doing my floors when I got home because it was really the last thing I wanted to do! It felt very good though!

I am now going to go collapse into bed!

Have fun!


My Weekend

Saturday was tough, but today was much better.

On Saturday I felt like the world was against me, but it was all just little annoying things.

I started the day with a very short run as I didn’t want to aggravate my hip before my Sunday long run.

I then had to play around with the tire inflator until it would work. I drove to the tire shop, worried about how fast it would deflate, but I made it. The seal was broken, so it turned out to be a pretty cheap fix, though I did get told I need four new tires before winter. I’m hoping for a new car instead.

I stopped on the way home to deal with the fact that Chapters had sent me yet another copy of the book I had ordered. I wonder how many they are going to send me?!?!

When I got home, I was settling in for an afternoon of cross stitch when my tea toppled and spilled all over the cross stitch I have been working on all year. I put it into water quickly and hope that it is not tea stained.

Things settled down for a while, until I decided that I should do my weights. I was just getting into the groove of my weights workout when I managed to spill a full water bottle all over my spare bedroom and then my weight rack fell over. The guy downstairs came up to check on me cause it made that much noise!

At this point I decided to crawl into bed and read my book!


Today started with a nice ten kilometer run with Sarah and Dennis. It was much slower than I would normally go, but was still good to get out.

After coffee, I went grocery shopping and got food for the week. I went on to my third salad recipe from Love and Lemons called brussel sprout salad. It was very easy to make. I used my mandolin to cut the brussel sprouts and managed not to hurt myself this time. I really love the OXO glove I bought for using my mandolin, grater and rasper!

I cooked up a roast beef for the week and did some baking, but you’ll have to wait until the last Saturday to hear about that.

Between bouts of knitting, I face timed with the Bookclub and talked on the phone with a friend.

At this point I think I’m going to crawl into bed with my knitting so that the weekend will end on a high point.

Have fun!


SAL Update


This year I am determined to make progress on the project that sat on the shelf in my spare room for eleven years. It at least sits on my coffee table now.

Here is where I am now and you will notice there is no change from last time.

It has been a busy time with going back to work, but I have been looking forward all week to some time stitching this weekend!

Saturday, late morning I got ready to sit down and stitch, when I decided I had better do that last job before I sat down. Well wouldn’t you know it, my mug of tea fell all over the cloth bag that holds my stitching project and supplies😱

I quickly put it into a sink full of water with zero detergent and am not just waiting to see if it is tea stained when it is dry.

I am hoping I will have more progress to show you in three weeks!

Be sure to check out everyone else’s progress as there are some amazing projects!


















Mary Margaret










Well at 3:33 this afternoon I finally got a class. Too bad the work day was over already and the kids arrive at 8:45 Monday morning.

Can you tell that I was super annoyed?!?! Actually I was downright angry! People don’t seem to understand that there is stuff that has to be done before the kids come on the door.

I actually had small groups of kids today. Really not sure why they couldn’t all come at one time since they will be on Monday, but oh well.

I have been given a straight grade one class and so has my teaching buddy. While we will not be able to put our classes together, at least we can plan and prep together.

I asked to have one student in my class, but that was denied. 😖🙄😖

So far it seems as though I have several very confident girls and a couple of kids who never stop talking and a couple of boys who can’t sit still. We shall see how it goes next week.


I was angry enough that my friends at work dragged me out for happy hour. I wasn’t the only one who was angry and frustrated so it was a good thing that we got the chance to vent. I really do love working with friends.


Since coming home, I have been knitting in the hopes of being calm. I will try the top on tomorrow morning and then go from there.

Well, I’m going to go crawl into bed with my book.

Have fun!


Still Murky

There is no more clarity at work today than there was yesterday:(


I had another very unproductive day;(. I managed to change where my calendar was, sort out some books on kindness, calmness and safety as that is the catch phrase here right now and start to cut out math manipulatives. Nothing all that interesting and I really wish I knew more. The two days I was to get to prepare for students is pretty useless when I have no clue what grade or how many students I will have. I will end up looking bad in front of the parents when I am unprepared on Monday:(

The most interesting thing was that I listened to music on my walk to and from school today as I am responsible for studying country songs that feature other artists for trivia. If anyone knows any, please let me know.


I got out of school at my scheduled time of 3:45 and came home to get my bathroom cleaned as that was my job for today. So far I have been able to stick to the schedule, which is good as I’ve decided that anything I don’t get done, I have to do on Saturdays.


I have been having broccoli salad for lunches this week. This is my second salad of this List at Love and Lemons that I am making my way through. Her recipe does not call for bacon, but I did put some in. The recipe cost me about $19 to make and has given me 5 one cup servings for the week. It still seems expensive to me. I do like the addition of the Smokey nuts to it though.


I did just straight weights tonight and followed Dennis’ plan- three sets of ten with increasing weight. I did: shoulder press, crunches, squats, front raises, reverse crunches, overhead tricep extension, plié squats, heel drops, lateral raises, side to side heel touches, curtsy lunges, bent over rows, bicycle crunches, deadlifts, upright rows, scissor legs, hip raises, bicep curls, dead bugs, side shuffle, pullovers, toe touches, hamstring curls, chest press, plank and traveling plié squats.

I also stretched and rolled. My hip bugged me a bit all day, but after rolling it seems to feel better. I am thinking I had better roll daily for a bit.

Well that is my non-exciting day.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Well it was the first day back to school and it was weird.


I didn’t end up getting much out of my coat room storage as we aren’t allowed to share anything and we aren’t allowed to use the coat room. I don’t feel like I got much accomplished, though I sat through two meetings and got all my desks and chairs out. At the end of the day, I looked around and my thought was that my room goes against what I believe in as a teacher:(


Sarah cancelled our run as she got hauled into a meeting so I just went over to the mill and back. I wasn’t happy that my hip was hurting. I got 5.1km done, but I think tomorrow I will just do simple weights and see how my hip reacts to that, rather than a NourishMoveLove workout.


After a lovely shower, I headed to the pub. I have been trying to come up with a plan for food all day and finally decided on;

A burger and salad, but one of the other girls had a veggie plate with a chicken breast that looked good!

What we knew:

Who wrote Ulysses?

James Joyce

What is Dr. Phil’s last name?


What are the names of the kids on Family Guy?

Chris, Meg and Stevie

What do men worry about more than women?


At Tim Hortons, put these in order from cheapest to most expensive?

Coffee, medium ice cap, 20 Tim Bits

What are the prongs on a fork called?


Which car manufacturer makes the Lexus?


What is the square root of 625?


What type of poetry has five lines?


Who didn’t Cher date?

John Travolta

What was Mr. Rodgers first name?


What is the slogan for Port Moody?

City of the Arts

What movie was Bradley Cooper not in?

The wedding Planner

We are in first place right now:)

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Bonus Day

I probably should have made plans for my bonus day, but I didn’t.


I was very tempted to go for a run this morning, but resisted as Monday’s will probably be my day off right now. I did do NourishMoveLove’s 35 minute booty glute workout. It was good and then I followed it up with stretching. I resisted foam rolling as my RMT said I should give my body a day in between to recover. Fine by me!


My job today were my floors and they got done. I also got some laundry put away as well so my house will be tidier to start the week off.


I have to admit I have spent most of the day knitting and listening to podcasts. I am playing yarn chicken with a basic raglan in sport weight cotton. I am hoping to not run out, but if I do, I’ll do a second colour for sleeves and collar. Fingers crossed I’m small enough to get it all done.

Sorry I don’t have more interesting things for you, but the only other thing I did was have a nap. Trying to build my strength for tomorrow.

Have fun!