The Weekend

It has been a nice weekend, though I do wish I had had more plans.


I learned that it is probably a good thing that I do not have cable at home as I spent 12 hours on Saturday watching Hallmark movies and knitting.

I did accomplish something though as I finished my sweater! The Weekender is done and it may actually become a favourite.

The pattern is by Andrea Mowry and is very well written. The only change I would make now is to do a different cast off on the neckline and I did a different cast off on the sleeves. The neckline cast off doesn’t stretch at all and I have the feeling it is going to break:(

The yarn I used is Arranmore Light by The Fibre Co. This was a kit through Fibre Co and I have to say I absolutely love this yarn. It has a beautiful depth of colour.

I’m sorry but all you’re getting is one bad photo.

I like that it is not tight, but it also doesn’t have 10″ of ease as I would drown in that much ease.


Today I met up with Sarah for a run while Dennis walked with James. We managed a 5.18km run around the dyke at an okay pace. I always have to remind myself that not every run has to be fast. I was not happy to wake up with a sore right hip and a sore left knee. Thankfully neither really bothered me on the run.

I also did a NourishMoveLove workout called a 20 Minute Full Body HIIT workout. I did change a few moves so that I didn’t remain in a squat, but nothing really bothered my lower half.

I decided to also do a ten minute full body stretch video and added on another ten minutes of stretching and about 15 minutes of rolling. Hopefully this will all help with the knee and hip.


Today I made the broccoli salad which is the second salad from Love and Lemons. I’ll tell you all about it when I actually have it for a meal.

I have spent the rest of the day trying to figure out what to knit with 450 meters of a red cotton. I had planned to do Sense of Summer too but when I started knitting I realized it wasn’t very well written and I didn’t want to tackle it. If anyone has a suggestion, I would love to hear it.

Have fun!


The Last Friday

I can’t believe it’s the last weekend of Summer!


I got out for a run with Dennis this morning. I was nervous to take those first steps. We went out to try the dyke we had attempted a few months ago, but it was still too mucky and uneven. We were walking back to the car when Dennis decided we should look around since we were there. We ended up running the opposite direction and it was a really pretty run. We ran out this road to the conservation centre and then turned into a dyke. We weren’t sure how far the dyke went so we turned around and came back the same way. My watch said we did 7.26km, but it seems as though the third kilometer didn’t register right, so I’m not really sure.

I also did a workout this afternoon. I did a minute of walking between squats, plié squats, deadlifts, hip raises, lateral shuffle, crunches, reverse crunches, bicycles, heel tap downs, plank, bicep curls, front raise, lateral raises, tricep extensions, bent over rows, pullovers, shoulder press and chest press.

Dennis talked me into trying a new way to do my weights- 3 sets of 10 reps with increasing weight. I did that today and we’ll see how it goes after a few sessions.


I was enjoying my brother’s pool when I got a call that my appt was changed to today so I hurried to it, but then had two hours before my next appt. This gave me enough time to do my daily chore- laundry. I had given myself permission to put it off until Sunday, but this was too good a time to pass up.


I am just coming up to the cuff on my first sleeve and while it may not be done before the weekend, I think it will be done by Monday night.

Well, I think that’s my entire day.

Have fun!


Netflix and Knit

I know it’s not the saying, but it describes my day.

No exercise today other than two walks with the pup. Sarah cancelled on me which disappointed me, but I’ve now had four days of rest so that hip better behave tomorrow.

Oh as I write this, I realize I did do 20 minutes of upper body weights this morning, so I did do a little something.


I actually still went home and did my chore of the day which was changing my sheets:). I’m not sure this will happen tomorrow, but at least I kept up on most of it.


I redid the front neckline that had broken on me when I was trying my Weekender sweater on. I went up a needle size so hopefully that will make it loose enough that it won’t break again.

I also ripped out the sleeve I had done so far and have redone it with a larger needle size. I will continue to work on that.


My brother seems to have every channel known to man, plus Netflix so I have been enjoying the third season of the Great Canadian Baking Show.

Now I have to go watch the finale.

Have fun!


Run to Rapid City Update #6

Wow I’ve been doing this for six months now!

At the start of the year I was having a tough time getting out the door for runs as I had no goal. I had already done a speed goal and a distance goal and now I didn’t know what to do. Then the awesome Kathy suggested I run to visit her in South Dakota. Well there I went.

Last month I had just made it to the border between Idaho and Montana and this month I am at 933 km from home and am standing on Rosco Road, on the outskirts of Alberton, Montana which I have just passed through.

Alberton, Montana has a population of 435 people and the post office there has been around since 1909. This is a small town in Mineral County, Montana. It is at an elevation of 3,054 feet and is named for the president of a railway company- Albert J. Earling.

I loved seeing the historic elementary school building as I came through town.

I wish my school looked liked this, though I like that my school has more greenery around it. The other cool thing about this building is that it is only 50 feet from the high school and the two are connected by tunnel. Fun!

I, unfortunately, missed the big celebratory day of Alberton’s Railroad Day on the third Saturday in July. Oh well, I was a month late, but it could have been cool to see a small town parade and petting zoo.

While Alberton is named for a Railway president, the railway has also made Alberton infamous as the site of the largest train chemical spill in US history. In 1996, a train derailed near here and 350 people suffered chlorine inhalation:(

Well, I had better keep going as I would like to make it to the next town soon!

Have fun!


In a New Place

Well I have yet again hanged locations, but this one is only about fifteen minutes from home. I am dog and house sitting for my brother.

I had to cancel my run yesterday on Dennis as I really didn’t think my hip was going to make it. It was a little sore while walking the dog right now, but it seems to have gotten to the point where it loosens up once it’s warmed up- let’s hope I run this afternoon!


I iced the lemon zucchini muffins and finished off the poke cake. The poke cake isn’t hard, just a lot of steps. The kids liked it and I didn’t mind it, though I want to try it with the fruit salad and pistachio pudding my grandma used to use.


I quickly walked the dog and then met up with two friends at a local park. I wanted to make sure I saw them all as once I’m back unschool I won’t be able to. Most of my friends have made it clear that they’ll be keeping their distance. I get it.

The park was awesome and new to me, though it isn’t far from home. The top has a regular play structure, but then there is a long slide that goes from that level to the next where there is a field and a climbing wall. Then you go down one more level and there is a water park and a sand pit. We spent most of our time on the lowest level as it was a warm day.

I then rushed back as I had some friends coming over for dinner. It was a great night as the kids loved the pool. They’ve been in lakes, etc this summer, but no pool due to Covid, so I was glad I could give them a treat. We had glory bowls for dinner and they were amazing!

I spent the rest of the night watching The Great Canadian Baking Show and then went to bed with Banks.

Well I need to go search down some tea!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

It was a nice day!

Still no exercise! I was supposed to run with Sarah but she wasn’t feeling well so I decided that that must be a sign that I should have two days off. My hip is feeling better, but we’ll see how it does when I start running on it!


I spent a lot of the morning working on the Weekender and am finally onto the sleeves. Let’s hope I have something to show you soon!


I was knitting when Dennis called telling me to come across the street for coffee. It was a nice way to break up the day at home and we made a plan to run in the morning so now I have something to look forward to.


I got my dusting done and it only takes ten minutes! I also got a picture hung up on my wall:)


I made another batch of the lemon zucchini muffins as I am meeting up with some friends at the playground tomorrow. I did check to see if they were comfortable accepting baked goods from me and they were. I will need to maybe do some zucchini slices with cheese and tomato sauce as I have a little bit of my zucchini left.

I also made a white cake from my new cookbook and managed to get it dark brown. It’s supposed to be a poke cake with strawberry jello, vanilla pudding and coco whip. Do you think it’s saveable or should I make another?

Actually the dark brown just rolled off it and it looks better underneath.


It was just four of us tonight. We started in fourth place and tonight was the final of the tournament.

In the first round:

Who played Goose’s love interest in Top Gun?

Meg Ryan

What body part did Van Gogh cut off?


What is the capital of Hungary?


The music round was horrible, full of New Punk music. We did notice the host’s girlfriend seemed to be singing along to every song. Ugh I hate it when people aren’t on the up and up!

What was the most popular tv finale of all time?


And then I had to go home early as I started to not feel well. Wonder what got me this time? I only had veggies and chicken wings- guess it was the chicken wings:(

Have fun!