My feet are again killing me!


We got through calendar and music this morning. We then did a TEAMS call with our student who is starting on Monday and then tackled our first printing lesson- the letter l.

This afternoon we had silent reading and we started our fall leaf art.

I am so lucky that I have a good class. Today we found out that the children aren’t allowed to eat their recess snack outside:(. There goes another twenty minutes of instructional time:(


Free prepping next week, I headed home. My feet have been killing me all week and I didn’t feel like running, but I’ve been so unhappy with my low mileage lately that I figured I’d better get out.

I got a decent 5.15km in. My feet didn’t hurt when I was running!


I Quickly ate some salad and headed out to watch my nephew’s football game.


I did manage to get a picture of Lyndsay in her toque this morning. She is happy with it so that is all that matters, though I may line the band for her.

Well, I better get back to watching this game.

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Push Myself

  1. when I taught 1st and 3rd we were not allowed to have a “snack time” so we had working snacks. Could you have the children do silent reading while having snack or maybe you could do a read aloud at that time. It is hard to give up time in the school day when you are trying to make it work

    love the hat. I’m glad she liked it

  2. That seems silly that they can’t eat outside to me. I like Lori’s suggestion of snack time while silent reading.

    Pain free runs are the best runs! The hat looks so cute! I’ve seen something like that in stores but so much better if someone makes it for you

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