We had plans after school and we’re out of there by 3:15🤣


It was a good day. I am very thankful for having a good class with all the other craziness going on! We did calendar and then went out to do the Terry Fox run. I felt sad about the fact the kids only got to do 20 minutes of running around the field by themselves:(. So different than the usual, fun run!

After recess we tried out having a quiet time where the kids could eat and then do something at their seats. I liked it because I got their Fall leaves cut out and put up on the window.

We tackled our math number booklets and most finished. My one little guy who has trouble focusing has embraced using a timer and actually lots of kids wanted to set a goal for what they could get done in five minutes.

Finally this afternoon we did silent reading, a Fall poem, and played outside.

A pretty good day all in all and we were out the door quickly:)


It was Lyndsay’s birthday yesterday so we wanted to take her for a drink. We went up to the golf course again and it was crazy busy! We managed to have a quick drink and some chicken wings and nachos (shared five ways). It was a great start to the weekend!


Dennis thought I was insane to plan a run after happy hour, but I need to make up for September. I will have a Run to Rapid City update out this weekend, I promise!

Our run today seemed tough, but I guess that’s just because I was running faster than I have been lately. It really did feel good to put some speed on (or my version of speed🤣). We got 7km done and the last kilometer coming down hill was super fun!

Well I got a load of laundry put in, so I guess I can say my house chore got done today. I will have to find time to change my sheets tomorrow as that is the one chore I didn’t get done this week. Not bad:)

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Out Of There

  1. I often use the kitchen timer when I am doing chores! I got my son in the habit too. Helps keep us on task.
    You wouldn’t want to see me run after a cocktail! OMG! You are a brave woman!!

    1. I often time my chores so I know exactly how long they will take me. It’s easier to get them done if I know it will only take twenty minutes

  2. The chore things is making you life easier I think! How wonderful if you can get your kiddos able to multi task on a couple of things to give you more real teaching time!

  3. glad your year seems to be going well. I love when lots of kids embrace a modification made to help another child in a way that isn’t taking away from that child’s need. Oh and the windows of your classroom are awesome… what a view!

    1. Yes this class is amazing so far! Some slow pokes and they like to chatter, but lively kids!
      Yup that calm view saves me some dsya

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