Wednesday always seems tough because my teaching buddy has the day off.


We got through calendar, printing and chalkboard spelling. We tackled even and odd again today. Some kids were saying they don’t understand, but I think they are making it more complicated than it really is. I am frustrated that I can’t just take the small group who is confused and let the rest move on, but unfortunately small group work doesn’t seem to be allowed.

This afternoon we started a new program- Fin’s Friends. The kids loved it because it is presented by a puppet of Fin, the mascot of o it Vancouver Canucks hockey team. My voice was very sore by the end, but they were excited. We started talking about what makes us happy. Five and six year old children are so sweet! They know I love ice cream so many of them also wanted to say that. It was neat to hear what made them happy once we got past that. They were super excited about the puppet , even though I don’t even try to hide the fact I’m talking. It will be neat to see if we can go a little deeper next week when the newness wears off.

The end of our day was our usual outside playtime. The weather is supposed to turn tomorrow so I wanted to make sure we got out in the sunshine today.

I see I got a message saying that children are no longer allowed to use hand sanitizer and must wash with and water. Well, I guess we are going back to an hour and twenty minutes a day of hand washing:(. Thankfully, a parent very kindly brought myself and my teaching buddy a big bucket of chalk today for the kids. I am especially thankful for the bright, kind moments right now!

Errands/ House:

I had no exercise today because I had physio right after school. I then got a couple of errands done and then dropped off a birthday gift for my oldest brother as it’s his birthday today. I really didn’t want to clean the bathroom today, but managed to get it done:)


My friend Cori has a birthday in just over a week and I am trying to get a toque made for her. I am following another Estelle pattern and it is interesting because this toque has no ribbed brim. I guess I will see whether she is happy with it.

Well, I’m going to try to get the last ten rows done before bed.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day

  1. it is always crazy to see how much children engage with puppets even when they know that you are talking… hey whatever works!

    not being able to work in small groups and move the whole group on is crazy train. so you are in essence punishing the kids who are struggling and need additional one on one support AND punishing the kids who get the concept because you can’t move on… ummm I’m missing the logic here

  2. Let me guess, the Administration is concerned about how much hand sanitizer they have gone through already? Can you use hand washing time to shore up things like reciting the even numbers up to 30 and then the odd numbers, reciting a new poem, etc.? I used the alphabet and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star for my little ones to make sure they washed long enough. Anything that will take the required time?

    1. Oh that’s a great idea Kathy! We will definitely be reciting odd and even numbers today!
      The school hasn’t even been providing the hand sanitizer, the families have been.

      1. Ugh wouldn’t that be great, but no they’ve even arranged our preps this year so that no support staff have to deal with hand washing or entrance or dismissal

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