Just another day.


My students were as annoyed as I was about having to wash with soap and water instead of being able to use sanitizer. I did take Kathy’s advice and posted a poem about odd and even for the kids to practice while they wash their hands.

We got through calendar and a quick chalkboard spelling practice. It was super quick when later in the day one of the little boys dragged his whiteboard out to do chalkboard spelling again.

The children had music class and recess. We then tackled some more on even and odd. It was tough as my smartboard isn’t working. Some kids seem to be getting it, but others don’t seem to. We will do lots of practicing tomorrow.

This afternoon we made turkeys out of our handprints. It was a long process, but we got it done and I will add a photo tomorrow.


After a massage I met up with my friend Em for some more furniture shopping. She found a couch she likes, but she didn’t love the price. It will be interesting to see if she buys it or not.


I finished up Cori’s toque tonight and I will take it tomorrow for her to try on.


I got a new cookbook in the mail today. It is the Minimalist Baker Everyday Cooking. I can’t wait to crack it open!

I wish I had more excitement to share, but that’s it for today.

Have fun!


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