It was great having an extra day!


I started the day with a fast run with Melanie. It worked perfectly again- a challenge to keep up but I got breaks when she needed them for her stamina. Maybe this will make me faster too:). Another 6.17km closer to South Dakota! I am determined to have a better mileage count this month, despite the rain.

I also got a weights workout done this afternoon. I again did Dennis’ method of three sets of ten with progressively heavier weights. It wasn’t as long as I was aiming for, but it was definitely better than nothing!


After a very quick shower, I drove to meet two friends for brunch. This restaurant was cool because you can find a seat outside and order using your phone and they bring the food. No need to set foot inside. I had a mushroom and spinach hash and a chai latte. It was delicious and made even better by the company of two good friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen since Christmas.

There were some very cute decorations at the restaurant and throughout the town. We explored the Main Street and my friends got dessert at a local bakery. I managed to resist:)


I bought gas and went to buy milk, a banana and walnuts, but the store didn’t have any of those items so I ended up in the dollar store and got a card, two pairs of gloves for running and some dice for my classroom.

My last book also showed up, only to find that I already own it. I’m going to have to drive over and see if I can return it. I also need to find out where my refund for the book that was out of print is.


I got my floors done quickly and then sat down to knit. Many of the testers are done so I want to get this cardigan finished as soon as possible. It really shouldn’t have taken me this long. I have the two fronts and the back done, but am going to wait until daylight to sew them together. I am very worried it is going to be too small so I think I will sew it and do the sleeves and then block it so that I can be very aggressive and see if I can make it fit.

Well for a busy day, that’s all I have to report.

Have fun!


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