I was so glad that today was Friday!


My day at work was made more difficult by the fact that recess was indoors and lunch was cut short. The kids need more fresh air and movement than they got!

We did get through a lesson on making predictions, and a lesson on scientific drawing where we drew a lead, acorn or pine cone. We also finished up our scarecrow directed drawings, well most of us did.


I met up with Dennis for a run after school and it was tough at the start. I was tired and grumpy, but the run solved those problems. I had told him I was going to run super slow, but it turned out to be six very fast kilometers! A little bit more done:)

This is really all I have done other than have tea after the run and a bath and eat dinner. I am really looking forward to a quiet weekend!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Happy Friday!

    1. Oh good as I wasn’t sure that I had ever seen a scarecrow with arms like that! I like seeing how they’re all different and personalized

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