I had a quiet weekend and really enjoyed it.


I did a Lyndsay workout yesterday which has my abs screaming today and I did a ten kilometer run this morning. My legs felt really tired today on my run, but then I realized I had no rest day today, so that must be the reason.


I have spent much of the past two days knitting so I could finish up my test knit for Alicia Plummer. I am super happy with the result and will share a picture asap.

I wish I had more excitement to share, but there’s my weekend in a nutshell.

Have fun!


23 thoughts on “Rest and Relax Weekend

    1. It is! The last two weekends have felt busy so it was ice to have a quiet one and I was actually quite productive around the house.
      I can’t wait to show it off as soon as it is dry!

  1. Okay you must have read my training schedule! I have a 6 mile run planned (we’ll see if I got that far since someone woke me up very early….) and was going to do a arms and abs circuit too.

      1. I made it to 4 but honestly you win some, you lose some. Plus it was during lunch so I couldn’t do everything and shower in the time

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