I survived the day!!


We worked on the letter f today and all but one little girl are doing great. I’m hoping I’ll have some time to work with her on it next week.

We tackled more of our teen number booklet and most of the kids are getting the idea and working their way through it.

This afternoon we just got some silent reading done and I got a reading group done. I always love getting to the reading groups as I feel like I make the most impact there.

I did another five parent phone conferences today and they all seemed to go well. It seems like all of the kids are happy to come to school which is always one of my concerns at this time of the year. I managed to get my one focus for each child across which is a bonus.


I finished a second reading of The Hating Game this evening. I really do enjoy that book. The banter is great and I always like a enemies to lovers book. I would recommend this one if you want a fun read.


I stopped in to see my friend Cori with a pumpkin oat bread and a gorgeous fall planter from the staff.


I was thinking of going for a run but it started to pour and I just couldn’t get my head into it. I decided to do a Lyndsay workout instead. I did thirty seconds each of skipping, froggers and a squat hold and repeated that five times. Then I did three sets of the following with increasing weight: static lunges, static lunges jumps, deadlifts, sumo squats, step ups, and normal squats.

It was at least something!

I have spent the rest of the night working on my newest sweater. I got smart and put it all on scrap yarn and tried it on before I got too far. I’m hoping it will be a super useful sweater!

Well I think that’s all I’ve done today other than a long talk with my mom.

Have fun!


21 thoughts on “Friday Eve

    1. Ugh I hate both ways. In person, I have to deal With my extreme shyness but I get a face to put to the name. On the phone I have to deal with my poor hearing, but I talk more

  1. “I survived” has been my motto this week lol. I laughed when I saw that first sentence. Pumpkin oat bread sounds delicious and your friend is lucky to get a loaf!

    1. I hope it’s good. I don’t like giving away baked goods I haven’t made before, but it could t be helped. I hope you made it through your week unscathed

      1. I’m sure it’s good! I’m with you on recipes, it’s nerve wracking to bring something you’ve never made before. Very glad it’s Friday and I hope you have a great day AJ

  2. Keep knocking off those parent conferences, you’ll be done soon. Girl #2 (the Latin teacher) has been working on quarterly update letters…she told me I wouldn’t hear from her for the next 3 weeks 😳. It is a relief to get those parent interactions all finished!

    1. Yes it felt really good to finish up!!! I find parents the worst part of my job as this is actually the first year that I haven’t had a horrible surprise with a parent being angry or upset that I didn’t know about

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