And I never cry!


I got to sleep in this morning as it was a Professional Development Day and I had the time to make a lovely pumpkin chai latte so the day started off well.

Ten of us gathered in the staffroom to go over some of the computer programs we will be expected to use in the next few weeks. Our kindergarten teacher is also our Techy so she was leading us. It was going great until our principal came in and yelled that we couldn’t do this and had to be on teams in separate rooms. Then she said, “you, you and you, should be wearing masks, and some of you I have had to tell multiple times” while staring at me. Only one girl had been wearing a mask before she came in but everyone else thinks faster than me and it is true that I forget to put my mask on when leaving my classroom (I don’t have to wear it in my room) so that’s why I’ve taken to looking like this

I have never liked getting into trouble and especially not in front of others and lately it has felt like I’m her new target, but wait the day continued.

My friends at work and I had talked about getting skip the dishes for lunch today, but then they decided to go for donairs and with a “sorry Allison”, off they went and I walked home and had a rice cake with peanut butter as I wasn’t expecting to need lunch today and because of the late decision I didn’t have much time. I then ended the day with an email from my admin telling me that I was not to discuss classroom matters outside of a CDMC or staff meeting and that if I had a concern I should come speak to her. A bunch of us had sent emails about furniture being removed from our rooms. I now teach guides reading on the floor.

Yup it was enough to drive me over the edge and I cried in my classroom. I hate crying but at least no one saw me. I totally know these are little inconsequential things, I’m a lucky person overall and tomorrow I will remember that!


I arranged with Dennis to do our run an hour earlier than normal and we got 7.5km in. One good thing my anger did was make me run fast. Dennis couldn’t believe my speed. Normally on Friday nights I run 6:30-6:45/km, but tonight I was 5:30-6:00/km. I guess something good came out of it and the good thing that came out of my run is that I am much calmer now.


I am having a lovely evening of hallmark movies and knitting. If I had ice cream, it would be perfect, but this will do. I will try to forget all of this and just enjoy my weekend and I hope you all do too!

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “I cried

    1. Thank you! I am using the hallmark and knitting to my advantage right now. It was all just stupid little things, I know I’m a very lucky person

  1. I’m sorry you had a rough day! It’s good to see that you are finding ways to help cope with such tough situations. Crying is good as it helps let go of your worries rather piling all up within! Next time make sure to stock up the ice cream 🤪 I totally related to the ice cream missing part

  2. I’m so sorry, that’s all horrible, esp being criticised in front of others. I got on a bus without my mask on the other day! I had run for a bus at a different stop and forgot to pop it on- whipped it out of my pocket. And hooray for fast cross running – Claire and I have a thing about that, if one of us is cross, off we rocket! Hope you have a lovely calm restoring weekend.

  3. I’m sorry you had to deal with this. But you are an adult and no one, including your boss, has the right to humiliate you or rob you of dignity. That’s behavior that must be stopped early so they know how to communicate with you properly. I never allow anyone to yell at me no matter what’s going on. If they do, I let them know they cannot speak to me that way. Your principal needs to know she cannot address you in that manner. If God doesn’t yell at us then no human has the authority to.

  4. We’ve all had those days in teaching, I usually cry in my car. I know COVID had put everyone on edge, but that doesn’t excuse your Principal’s behavior. Hope the run and knitting turned it around for you.

  5. ugh… administration power trip! I hate when people think they are right and anyone who doesn’t agree is scum. Hope you are able to find ways to solve this or something! glad your run helped some what, but you are right ice cream therapy would have been good to.

    I hope you had a great weekend and today is some what smoother

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