The day was fine, but the meeting didn’t help it at all!


We created monsters in our journals and then wrote about them. The children also had music class and we began our pumpkin study. Each student has brought a pumpkin so today we brainstormed what we know about pumpkins. We’ll be doing something fun with the pumpkins each day until Friday when we will decorate them. Thankfully it was nice enough to end the day with playtime outside.

We had a CDMC (collective decision making committee )after school. These meetings always feel useless as nothing is ever decided.


I finally found a place that had flu shots available so I went after work and had my flu shot and then rewarded myself with ice cream on the way home.


This is the back of the test knit I just finished. It is a cardigan called Garnered by Alicia Plummer. I wore it today and it was super comfy. I did it in LettLopi in Heathered Grey. I did it in a smaller needle size than the pattern called for and next time I would definitely use a larger needle so it would be drapier. I do really like it though.

I am almost done another Alicia Plummer knit- this one a pullover which I should be able to show you soon.

Well there my day in a nutshell, have fun!


22 thoughts on “Meetings Should be Banned

  1. I love that you are on a committee to make decisions that never makes decisions! My guess is everyone is afraid of the principal and they don’t want to make decisions!

    I really like that cardigan. Can’t wait to see the next sweater you make.

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