Well it appears I’m wearing a target.


We worked on the parts of a pumpkin this morning and then went on to putting our pumpkins in order from smallest to biggest.

After recess the kids were super excited to roll virtual dice on the smartboard and tell me whether the number was even or odd. We managed to do this by having each child use their own personal whiteboard marker to touch the smartboard. So simple and yet they loved it.

This afternoon we did a mini book about the life cycle of a pumpkin. The kids got to see me make another mistake as originally I had the flower before the vine. I swear…I meant to do that.

While I was on my prep in the staffroom, where we have been told we have to prep, I was sitting with my lunch to my right, my tea to my left and my phone on my lap as I uploaded Terry Fox run pictures to FreshGrade for the parents. My principal goes by the window, knocks on it and motions for me to put on a mask. I am in the room alone and am eating and drinking…🙄😖


After a quick stop at the dollar store I met up with Dennis for my run at the track. We were supposed to do fifteen repeats of 40 seconds hard, then 20 seconds easy, but Dennis was having real trouble with his breathing so we did nine repeats with more rest. It’s another 2.4km in the run bank.


It was a Seinfeld theme night. I have never watched Seinfeld, but did read up on Elaine in advance.

We actually won the second round!

We came in third overall for the night which is decent when there were only three people on the team who have seen Seinfeld. Sometimes I think a team of four is the best.

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. That’s silly your principal wanted you to put on a mask while you were eating and drinking. Even airlines let you take your mask off to do that.

  2. glad to see/hear that your class is going well since your principal is making life miserable instead… actually as a teacher I’d rather have a tough class and be ignored by the principal. that’s sad isn’t it!
    Anyway… glad the outside of work life was enjoyable

    1. I used to think I wanted a good class, then I wanted good parents, now I know it’s the principal that really makes all the difference

  3. Of course I wouldn’t have thought of this at the time, but the perfect response would have been to lift your mug in salute, smile big and wave, before taking your drink and taking a bite of food. I’m sorry, but your principal is an idiot!

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