It was a pretty good day even if I didn’t think it was going to be at first.

I got up this morning early so that I’d be able to go for my bloodwork, but alas I couldn’t. I can’t find my standing order card:(. I hate being disorganized and I know I put it somewhere safe, but now I need to figure out where that was!


I went up and met with my friend Anna for a run. She is just starting to run and wanted some stretching tips. We just did her usual route which is just over a kilometer and it was fun to run somewhere new with someone new and to catch up with an awesome friend.

I also did a quick weights workout this afternoon, but I have to admit it was half-hearted at best.


I had to do my Sally’s Baking Challenge today. At the start of the year, Abbey and Kathy and I decided that we would try the Sally’s Baking Challenge and then write about our results on the last Saturday of the month.

This month the baking challenge was baked apples. I had a ton of apples from my friend’s tree that needed to be used but they were so tiny that I decided to use the recipe to make a crisp as there would be no filling otherwise.

The recipe was super quick to make and the only change I made was to use coconut oil rather than butter. I forgot that it would t crisp as well with this :(. The crisp still tasted really good!


After a day of not having any success with the bank or with the mobile company, I was happy to order a poke bowl and meet up with another close friend Emily for a parking lot dinner. It was awesome to catch up with her and the poke bowl was good too!

Well I’m off to find a cure toque pattern to use up my pom pom on.

Have fun!


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