I wish I had something exciting to tell you about!


We started the day with our body science talk, what used to be called sex Ed that they now start in kindergarten. Ours was very garbled and it was tough for the kids to understand, but they did really well!

We also had a gym class! This morning g I went downstairs to see a teacher who is a gym specialist and she gave me an idea. I set up a tabata timer on my phone and the kids worked through stations- two foot jumps through hula hoops, burpees, figure eights and scissor jumps. It went great and they loved it,plus I didn’t have to clean anything g as they touched nothing.

This afternoon Fin came to talk about what to do so that problems don’t get big. We got through two -take a break and listen. I can’t believe how much the kids love a puppet!

It felt like a pretty good day as we went out to play at the end of the day. It was odd though that one of my little girls noticed that the sky was getting g really dark and she started crying. I think she was worried about a thunderstorm, but we don’t get those very often.


I went to physio again and had him do IMS on my left hip this time. It was a lot of needles!


I am trying this MetPro app as it is based on metabolism and I’ve always been super interested in that. I’ll let you know if it’s successful. So far it has me eating more food, and I had to go buy some today. What I really notice is the lack of sugar, which is probably a good thing!


I’m reading Doctor Dearest by RS Grey right now and I’m going to go snuggle down in bed and read.

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “Another Day

  1. Enjoy your read. Tough that after the kids touch something, you have to wipe it down. It is like a lot of work. School is still online for my niece so I am thankful as it would be totally worrying for us

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