Well it was once again a nice day since my principal was away again🎉🎊


I actually started the day with ten minutes of yoga before I went off to work. It felt great, took no time and got me a little more yoga time for the year- a win all around:)

I also did a run with Dennis after school. We had to do a progression run where every five minutes we got faster. I actually managed to do this. We had a few breaks as he was still having trouble breathing (it was his first day with a puffer), but we managed 4.57km. Pretty good for a very cold Tuesday.


Our day was quite mixed up. The older kids cane up this morning and taught us the brain dance. I promised them I would get the exact movements from the teacher as grade five teachers aren’t perfect.😜

We also had a quick poppy poem to do and then it was time to eat snack as we had to eat before our early recess today as we had the Remembrance Day assembly after recess.

The assembly went reasonably well for our first virtual try. The kids were super patient as we tried to get sound working, etc.

After lunch we had silent reading and guided reading. I am worried about the two girls I worked with today as the sounds just don’t seem to be clicking for them. I had sent home the alphabet rap, but maybe it’s not getting done:(

We also worked on a Peace Is class book this afternoon before we went out to play. I have about five students who still need to finish, but otherwise, a pretty good day.


We went to trivia tonight, but we really aren’t sure how much longer it will go on with these new restrictions we are under.

So there were five of us for trivia tonight and we are still in third place overall.

In the first round, we knew:

On survivor what do you have to do?

Outwit, outlast and outplay

On which hit tv show did Shelly Long play Diane?


What is the name of the character on the children’s show Tipoo and ?


Where is the boy from in the Journey song Don’t Stop Believin?

South Detroit

The music round had Bands with Brothers, Lounge Lizards, Songs about Drinking, Duran Duran and Songs of 1997.

We won the Kahoot round.

What nationality was Catherine the Great?


In the fourth round we knew:

What four movies were Jennifer Laurence and Bradley Cooper in?

Silver Linings Playbook, Serena, Joy, American Hustle

What do women win in Wimbledon?


In which movie did Clint Eastwood day, “do you feel lucky?”

Dirty Harry

What is a package of paper called?


In which county is Seattle?


Which book is Captain Ahab in?

Moby Dick

What musical instrument does Lady Gaga have on her arm?


Well that’s it for me, have fun!


22 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. What is the Brain Dance? I’m sure it’s a song to stimulate the brain before school work, but who is the performer? I want to look it up as I do lots of movement in class.

  2. Progression runs are fun! It’s a good time to see how each time you get faster it feels hard at first but then you get comfortable then have to pick it up again.

    Trivia sounded hard tonight! I knew four of the questions haha. I forgot Bradley Cooper was in a few of those movies with Jennifer Lawrence.

    1. I enjoyed the progression run and it is how I naturally seem to run.
      I only k we silver linings playbook. My group got the rest of them

      1. On hard days I try to run that way but easy days my legs have a mind of their own lol.
        It would take me a while to get all of those movies so it’s good your group knew them

      1. have you tried putting motions with the sounds? I found this helps some kiddos who get stuck. I try to tie the sound to a cue word. /y/ /y/ yo-yo while moving the hand up and down like you have a yo-yo on your finger

      2. Yup we do that when we do the alphabet rap. Thanks for the suggestion though- I appreciate you taking the time

  3. Aj sometimes I think you and my Zach should chat. You have so much experience with teaching young readers. Most of kids are older, but when he gets assigned a youngster whodoesnt read yet, it is rough. Keep up those runs!

    1. Oh you can totally point him in my direction. Send me an email and I’ll send back my email address and he can contact me that way, though I don’t always know what I’m doing!

  4. Ooh, I did 1/2 and 1/2 today (I’m horribly behind in Reader again). I was laughing at the Journey song “Don’g Stop Believing” and South Detroit because for years, Detroiters were happy to be mentioned in a popular song, but said “wait a minute – there is no South Detroit!” (Evidently you can’t please everyone.)

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