My Friday’s seem to come so quickly this year. I keep thinking it’s because I have a good class so the time goes quickly as the Fridays sure didn’t come this quickly last year!


On Tuesday I sent home a sight word mini book with two of my kids and one girl brought it back today. She read it to me and the next one. I have sent the third one home with her for the weekend. What I noticed was that I spent about ten minutes working with her this morning and the rest of my class just kept doing what they were supposed to be doing. So nice!

We did a pre- reading lesson on doing picture walks with the book, Enemy Pie. The kids were so impressive as I asked them what pre-reading strategies we had talked about so far, and they got them all! Most of the kids noticed the enemy list in the tree house.

We also did a lesson on tally marks today. We had covered these briefly a few weeks ago, but some children were having difficulty so we spent yesterday and today reviewing the concept and everyone seems to have it now:)

Finally this afternoon we did McCracken spelling, had gym and played outside. A pretty Good Friday!

I also got the art from yesterday put up.

I am calling it Windy Fall Leaves and it was done with pastels. With older grades I get them to also colour the background.


By the time I got home there were only ten minutes until sundown so I did a bosu workout after dinner instead, and I think I am going to hurt tomorrow. I haven’t been on my bosu in a while and I can tell.

I never have problems exercising- all my troubles come from eating. I have stuck with the MetPro program so far and it gets one more week before I give up on it. It has gotten me off of sugar and I noticed it now has me down at a level 3 (I started at 6). Maybe they have figured out that I’m not a typically sized person?!?!

Well I’m in my jammies, have a cup of tea and am going to read my book now.

Have fun!


17 thoughts on “Happy Weekend

      1. Oh yes I was shocked the first time I heard my old teachers talking about classes. I guess I went through with a tough group

      2. I think my group was pretty good. There are still many who get together for an informal reunion every year. I live too far away to go. Class members keep up with each other and let the rest of us know who is ill and who died. We graduated from high school in 1960.

  1. sounds like a good end of the week. Are you going to try flashlight Friday with this group? if they are able to work independently and let you work with one or two they sound like the type who would see this learning activity as a fun treat

  2. Will look up Enemy Pie for Zach’s students who are young. Your eating focus, is a good way to stay healthy and fit. I can overeat and especially with the wrong foods, very quickly. I need to lose 7 pounds back….

    1. Enemy Pie is an awesome book for lots of different lessons.
      I’m down to just 8 pounds to go. Can’t believe how fast 10 lbs can go on

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