I can’t believe it’s Sunday again already! I have to survive a five day week this week:(


I ended up running on Saturday morning with Dennis as he had an appt on Friday evening. I was tired of running around my house so we went out to the dyke to run. It was super bright and sunny on the way out, but then the big black cloud moved in on the way back.

We got 6.6km in which is better than nothing.

I worked out yesterday afternoon and did another NourishMoveLove workout- 20 minute resistance band workout- legs, cardio and core. I definitely was feeling that workout on my run this morning.

Sarah and I did another ten kilometers this morning. It seemed super slow though we picked up the speed on the way back. I’m not sure how to approach this with Sarah, but really feel we could be running faster at the start as we drop almost a minute off our time. I’d rather run a little faster on the way out and a little slower on the way back and be more even!

We got lucky though and it was a gorgeous morning for a run!

I did the seven hip and low back stretches for the fourth time this week. Hopefully it helps:)


I met up with another teacher from work at Chapters yesterday so we could choose a few books for the kids Bookclub this year. We have had kids asking about it so we are going to try and do the club over zoom once a month. It will be nice to have a little bit of normalcy! We also enjoyed a lovely tea afterwards:)


I have been very productive this weekend for little things. I got the curtains fixed, my hydration bladder fixed, all laundry done and put away and my plants watered.


I have mainly been working on socks for a lady at trivia. I have one sock done and am just considering if I could get the other done by Tuesday night. I somehow don’t think so:(

Well that’s it for my weekend, well except for my reading but I’m not done my book yet.

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

      1. I’ve always liked the old joke;
        ‘What was that?’
        ‘It was your life mate.’
        ‘Oh, do I get another one?’
        ‘No sorry that’s your lot.’

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