It was a tough day cause they called another indoor day at lunch.


We did more work for our report cards today. The kids did their perspective and told me about who their friends are, what they like best at school and the most interesting they’ve learned so far this year. It was real interesting!

We did a couple of math games and then I had a prep.

This afternoon we tackled rights and responsibilities again as I didn’t feel like the kids really got it.


I left work early and went for a run with Dennis. We were supposed to be doing an interval workout, but instead we did a tempo run. I hit a 5:57, but was definitely feeling eating at 3pm.


I managed to finish the socks! I had to change the toe of one because I was running out of yarn.

This is the Brookline socks done in Kroy socks in gray. I really do love this yarn for reasonable socks.


There were five of us for trivia tonight. In the first round we knew:

What is Roberto Luongo’s twitter name?


What three countries start with F?

France, Finland and Fiji

Who wrote the Handmaid’s Tale?

Margaret Atwood

What card has to appear if you have a perfect 29 hand in crib?


How tall is Bad Bad Leroy Brown?


The music round was 1976, 1986, 1996, 2006, 2016.

We did okay in the Kahoot round and came in second?

Which South American country has the largest population?


In which film did High Grant play a book shop owner?

Nothing Hill

What are the names of the two characters in Outlander?

Jamie, Claire

What is the last zodiac sign alphabetically?


What is the song contest throughout Europe?


What key is beside the l?


We actually won the last round!

So that’s it for me!

Have fun!


25 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. Trivia had some tough ones tonight! I went to grab food at a place near me last night and they were doing trivia. If only I had known earlier then I could’ve gone!

      1. Yes I kind of got the feeling they wouldn’t shut down schools no matter what, though I’m hearing rumors they are going to extend Christmas break

      2. Interesting.. I know my cousins school (they are in a private school and 8th grade) is keeping winter break the normal length but are having the first two weeks of 2021 be remote in case people travelled.

  2. I would imagine that those conversations with the children on the topics of who are you r friends and what was your favorite things we learn were rather interesting and a great insight to your class. Glad you had fun at trivia night. Glad you were able to finish the socks in time and check that off your list. Which project are you working on now?

    1. It is always very interesting to learn what’s in their heads!
      I was happy to cross something off the list and I’ve started the toque for my friend Lyndsay this morning.

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