The day was fine, but another inside day so by the end, the kids were crazy again.


I didn’t have a ton planned for today because my teaching buddy is off on Wednesday’s and her partner does her own thing. I kind of like this though as it slows the pace of the day. We got through some McCracken spelling this morning and a lesson on pre-reading strategies. I have introduced them all now so we will simply practice until Christmas break. We also did some Cosmic Yoga this morning and the kids were awesome during this time.

It was an inside recess so I was super happy I had gym right after snack time. We did a circuit of moves the kids picked so we ended up with scissor jumps, squats, jumping jacks, plank and wall jumps. We ended the time with a round of freeze dance.

The children got to go out for fifteen minutes, but that’s it:(

This afternoon we had silent reading while I assessed three kids. They are almost at grade level, but not quite. Hopefully by December 11th they will be! Fin came to visit and had the kids practice how to say sorry and accept an apology. This was interrupted by an earthquake drill, though of course she didn’t make us go outside because she doesn’t want to go out in the rain. Finally, I had the children try cleaning their table tops. I have noticed that their desks are a wreck- more than just accidentally going off the paper sometimes. It was time to get them to realize how difficult it is to get all that marker and pencil off the desks. Hopefully I made my point and it will improve! I wish o could think of something that would easily take the marks off so they could start tomorrow with spotless desks and see if they can keep them that way!


I didn’t hang around for long as I wanted to get out for a run before dark. I got a five kilometer run to the mill and back. I took it easy, but still got it done:)


After dinner, I have spent the time starting and restarting my next project. My friend Lyndsay loved my toque the other day and asked if I would make her one. It is the mommy- daughter toque I did as a test knit for Zanete Knits. The hat ends up looking really cool, but I had forgotten how tough I found the pattern to start. I’ve been sitting in silence, saying the stitches out loud to get to row 10!

Well I guess I should keep on and try to finish the 15 rows of part one tonight.

Have fun!


9 thoughts on “Happy Hump Day

  1. I am commenting on thursdays post. Wow that is a great math test for a youngster! I’m glad you scrabbled for fun. Putting knit 5 together would just kill my hands Im sure of it! But your finishes are always exquisite AJ

    1. I’m hoping it will show that the students understood the basic math concepts that were taught this term. I have to figure out how to get some patterns in before the end of the year though!
      The k5tog is killing me, but the toque does end up turning out nice. I was just sitting here wondering why the coolest knits are the hardest to do

  2. having almost everyone on grade level is great! That will make your life easier. Have you tried using shaving cream on the desks? It is always a fun thing to have the kids do we often practiced math facts and spelling words in shaving cream. It cleans the desks and makes them smell good too! Magic Eraser is good too

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