It seemed like a bit of a crazy day!


It was picture day and I forgot so now I will need to get retakes:(.

We got through a book and a journal about feelings.

We started to practice relay races in gym.

We studied and drew pine cones and pine seeds.

We had a discussion about asking people to play at recess and lunch and how to answer.

We played outside on the swings.

I wrote two report cards. The first ones are always the most difficult and it was even more so as I wasn’t sitting with my teaching buddy:(

My prep got changed again and it’s the end of November!


I happily left school and went for a massage!

I soaked my foot and poured some peroxide on it and then masked up and went to visit my running buddy who used a needle and got the last piece out of my foot. Hopefully I’ll now be able to walk normally.


I talked to my mom and she made me think I had better get my fireplace vacuumed since the pilot light refused to go on. Well it was more cobwebby than dusty and it started right up after I vacuumed it.


I’m at a cross roads and thinking I’ll do the toque for my secretary’s daughter next. She has picked the Antler toque by TinCanKnits and I love their patterns so I’m not upset about that.


I finished Tremaine’s True Love by Grace Burrowes and usually I rave about her books. This one had a good premise, but the story seemed longer than it needed to be.

Right now I am reading Rescue My Heart by Jill Shalvis, though I should really be reading a kids Bookclub book.

Have fun!


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