It was a long day as it was once again an indoor day, all day:(


My students did really well for not being able to get outside and run around. We learned about the short i this morning. They had library while I wrote a report card and then this afternoon I took a reading group and then we did STEM. This month we concentrated on creative thinking and read the book, Not a Stick. We then went out in the pouring rain to each find a stick and played charades until someone guessed what our stick really was. We then recorded our idea with writing and a picture and made a class book. The kids really seemed to love it!

After school I got to work with my teaching buddy and now have eight report card drafts done. I do feel like I need to go back and rewrite the first ones though. It’s always like that as it takes a few for me to get into the swing of things.


Trivia tonight is themed around the show The Office. I’ve never seen the show but studied the character Angela a bit and brought my best printing.

My tea really knew their stuff!

I knew that the character Angela had the same name unreal life and on the show

We came in first for the first and second rounds, did horribly the third round and then came first again the fourth round to win the night overall🎉🎊🎉🎊

On that news, have fun!


12 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. Al met Will at Trivia , so I love to think of that when you mention it. The office was a great show! Not a Stick sounds like a lovely book. Im always on the lookout for good ones to give as gifts. Happy Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for even with COVID . Im thankful for all my blog pals like you! Keep knitting. Your finishes alway amaze me.

    1. Well I’m not going to meet anyone right now as we aren’t allowed to leave our table, but the girls keep their eyes open for me!
      Not a Stick would’ve a great gift!
      I’m thankful for a lot too, but still worried COVID might leave me by myself for Christmas:(

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