At the start of this year, I was having trouble getting out the door for runs as I just didn’t have a goal. I had already done a speed goal and a distance goal and I didn’t know what to do now. As a goal person, I don’t work very well without a goal.

Then the lovely Kathy gave me the idea of running virtually to visit her in South Dakota. Well that did the trick!

Last month I had made it to Whitehall, Montana and now I am in Big Timber, Montana. This is another small town as it only has 1,701 people. The town is named after the Big Timber Creek and has been around since 1880. It started as a wool shipping depot.

I am hoping that I have made stopped here on a day when the Chinook winds raise the temperature. This city has only about 30 days in the year where it doesn’t get above freezing, which is pretty few for Montana. As long as it’s not one of its record breaking cold days at -43 Celsius, I’ll be fine!

Ooo Michael Keaton is from this town! I loved him as Batman!

I am hoping to run more kilometers in December when I don’t have report cards. I’ll get there one day Kathy!

Have fun!


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