I am completely depressed this evening as it looks as though I’ll be spending Christmas alone, so I’ll get started on the fun of Blogmas. This is the brainchild of Abbey of Three Cats and a Girl. This year it is done as a Would you Rather.

The first question is:

Would you rather give up Christmas trees or Christmas cookies?

I have to admit that I haven’t had a real tree in a very long time since my building doesn’t allow real trees, however, I think I would still take trees over cookies. Christmas trees just seem so cheerful and uplifting. I love cookies, but I can’t eat most and the rest I just have to run off, so it’s trees for the win for me:)

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “12 Days if Blogmas

    1. Our restrictions have been extended until January 8th and we aren’t allowed to do anything with people who are not part of our household:(

      1. I will ask but it’s actually the year that my brothers all go to their in-laws and I don’t know if they are still planning to do that

  1. I know you will find a way to make the holiday work for you even if it is really different this year. I totally agree about cookies… they are something we can have all year, a Christmas tree is just for Christmas

  2. I’m sorry about Christmas – holidays are not a time that is meant to be spent alone. 😦 As for the question, well, this is probably cheating, but obviously I’d rather have the tree. Because you can give up Christmas cookies, but still eat cookies that are not specific to Christmas… hahaha

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