Today wasn’t a great day as I was still upset about Christmas and my kids were wired!


My class has brought in 241 items for the food bank so that’s pretty amazing for twenty little kids.

We tackled the letter u and it’s short sound today. We managed to get through Around the World counting by 5s. The kids had music while I tried to get more editing of my report cards done.

This afternoon I got through a reading group and then we tackled reindeer. Reindeer is our theme this week. We learned reindeer facts.

Did you know:

Reindeer live for fifteen years in the wild and twenty in captivity.

Reindeer can swim.

Reindeer are called caribou in Canada.

Male and female reindeer grow horns. Male reindeer can be 1.4m wide!

We then pretended we had a pet reindeer. The ideas were great, but it was just too much writing for the little guys.


I got out for a run after school as I was hoping that would change my mood. I got 5.22km in the rain.


Thankfully my one social event of the week was still on which was great!

In the first round we knew:

Name three US states that start with W?

Washington, Wyoming, and Wisconsin

What was the name of the wife in Home Improvement?

Jill Taylor

Who were the two male actors in Wedding Crashers?

VinceVaughn, Owen Wilson

What does GMO stand for?

Genetically modified organism

We had to figure out how big an angle was- 62 degrees.

What is the capital of PEI?


The music round was tough! The categories were sun songs, rain songs, oh no you didn’t which was the techno version of songs, songs by Lil’, and 2013 songs.

Of course tonight was the night we were trying to stay ahead of another team🙄

In Kahoot, we knew:

How many players are on the floor at one time in box lacrosse?


What is on the dime?

Bluenose schooner

What nationality was Casanova?


Who was a famous gangster?

Al Capone

In the final round:

What was the famous line Arnold said in Different Strokes?

What you talking about?

What was the last name in The Godfather?


What was the dog’s name in TinTin?


Some nights we know everything and some nights we know nothing🤣

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

  1. I am horribly behind in Reader these days, but never miss Trivia Night. Maybe I should have … sometimes I was born too late or too early to get these right. Today I got six so deserve chocolate or something for that result!

      1. That was just lucky for this night. And yikes, the blue-nosed schooner on the dime. Many years since I’ve seen a Canadian dime and I did not remember there was a boat on it.

      2. Oh yes. I go to trivia with my teaching buddy and we immediately launched into the song we use to teach the kids about money 🤣

      3. Well I went to YouTube to find that song … (Michael Mitchell “Canada in my Pocket”) … that’s very cute and a great way to teach kids about money and the pictures on each coin.

      4. I’m glad I found it and yes I will have it in my head, but I had YouTube still up and “This Land is Your Land – Canada” came up next. I don’t know if that is new – I remember hearing that song as a kid, but whether it was the Canadian or an American version I’m not sure. Maybe it was the Canadian version from Summer camp. Made me homesick.

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