Today’s question from the amazing Abbey is whether I would want to give up Christmas cookies or hot chocolate?

I know this probably won’t be a popular answer, but I don’t like chocolate so never drink hot chocolate anyways. I wouldn’t miss it! I love the idea of hot chocolate as this special holiday drink, but I wouldn’t get past the first sip. Bring on the Christmas cookies!!!


My weekend started with having to go tell my upstairs neighbor to stop vacuuming at midnight on Friday night. I put up with him being noisy all the time, but I had hit my last nerve when he woke me out of a sound sleep.

Both Saturday and Sunday were quite quiet days. I did a Hallmark workout each day after watching a Hallmark movie.

I ran this morning out on the dykes with Dennis, though we cut it in half because the wind was so bad. 30km/hr winds was just too much for me and I never got a tailwind, just headwinds no matter where I turned:(

I escaped to the knitting store yesterday afternoon after deciding I would do a toque for my sister in law and a scarf for my brother for having me to Christmas dinner.

I have the toque knit up but it seems huge to me. I will have a tall lady with lots of hair try it on at work to see if it’s just huge to me. I am loving the looks of my brother’s scarf and it’s so soft because it has alpaca in it!

Well I’m going back to my book.

Have fun!


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