Blogmas is organized by the amazing Abbey. Today’s question is would you rather have holiday decorations up all year or never be able to put them up again.

This is a really tough question as growing up we always decorated the house. I especially liked setting up my Christmas villages, of which I have many! However, since moving out on my own, I don’t put up many decorations at all. Actually quite often I don’t put up any decorations at home. My classroom is always decorated for Christmas in December 1st and by the time I finish with Christmas there, I don’t want to see any at home. I also have often been away come Christmas Day so don’t put up decorations so I don’t have to clean them up when I come back home.

This year I have actually put up a small tree and some lights and some of the decorations I have made over the years. I figure since I’ll be home, I might as well have some holiday cheer. I just wish it could be more festive. I would like a bigger tree and somewhere to put my Christmas villages as right now they stay under my bed.

My Day:

Amazingly I was up and at ’em early for a trip to the gym. I don’t know why I wasn’t seriously tired, but I was raring to go. I met Lyndsay and we got a workout in- treadmill, elliptical, weights and the bosu. It was definitely well rounded. I enjoyed thinking all day of the fact I had already worked out and could just collapse on the couch after school.

My class ended our food bank donation with 369 items. We also got a journal done on Santa. I was slightly ticked that I didn’t get my report cards back until after my prep. I ended up getting part of a couple of jobs done on my prep. I don’t like doing jobs in parts as I feel like it’s too easy to miss something or screw up when I do things in steps over days.

We managed to find a way to play tag today. We used badminton rackets. I was super worried this could go sideways really quickly, but amazingly the kids were awesome at being gentle. It was also great to see them tired out!

This afternoon we made a mini book about Five Little Reindeer. The kids were great!

After school I got my reports copied, collated and stuffed so they are ready to go for Friday.

After getting home, I have done nothing but watch Christmas movies and knitting. A lovely night!

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Blogmas Day 4

  1. When I teach, I tend to not go overboard with Christmas stuff in my room. I tend to have kids who can’t handle the over stimulation so I only put up things that we make in school as a class (no tree, lights etc) so I guess I did the opposite and had the break from my decorations when I was at work.

    I hope you enjoyed the quiet of your couch after getting your morning workout done

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