The winter break is almost here. I just have to get through one more day with crazy excited children.


We planned the first week back this morning and I prepped on my break. We got through our art scrapbook gluing. We actually rushed because we were supposed to have a fire drill at 11:50, but as we were waiting for it to go off, I got told that it had been cancelled. Of course that was only communicated through an email at 11, while I was teaching😖😖😖. Incompetence drives me crazy!

This afternoon the kids had a great time! Our STEM challenge this month was to build the tallest “tree” possible with 15 cups. The kids were so engaged!! I loved watching them persevere and try different things as they got three tries. There were no tears this time so I think we’re making progress!


After work I went out with Lyndsay and Cori and it was nice to unwind and catch up away from work.


Would you rather eat gingerbread every day or candy canes every day?

Hmm this is tough, as gingerbread would be great for my tummy but might feel heavy really quick, but candy canes would be great for my breath but might get old quickly. I think I would go with candy canes because there are so many different flavors of them now!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “T-1

    1. Lol tears seem to be a daily thing with some of my little girls. We are working on learning to use our words and think of solutions.

  1. I am a gingerbread kinda gal. Candy canes never really floated my boat. I can recall eating them as a child thinking I must have been missing something, but nope, they were never that good.

  2. don’t you love the fact that if you checked your email you’d be called out for being on your computer and not teaching, but then they send you things on your email and expect you to have read them…. helloooo do you think this through?

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