I can’t believe I’ve already gone through two of my days off:(


I didn’t want to wake up this morning and it was super dark, but at least it wasn’t raining. I met up with Dennis and we did 8km this morning. He said six at the 1/3 mark, but I didn’t look at my watch again until 3.93 so at that point we figured we might as well do 4 before turning. He ran slow today so that he’d be close by since the area we run in isn’t the best. I appreciate his awesome running buddy qualities!

This evening I did a bit of a workout just using body weight. It wasn’t much, but anything is better than nothing!


I spent lots of today knitting. I have gotten back to 2/3 done my brother’s scarf. He had better love this thing!

Of course I’m seeing a ton of things on Pinterest that I want to make while I already have a zillion things to do!


After a lovely nap, I made some Christmas cookies with the Christmas music going. You will hear about the cookies on Saturday, but it was good and bad. It did put me in the Christmas mood for a bit as I’ve been baking cookies since I was tiny, but it also made me miss my family as I’m usually baking for them!


I have also spent a lot of time watching movies today. I have had some really bad ones, like Christmas in Paris, but I’ve had some decent ones like Christmas under the stars too.


The awesome Abbey came up with would you rather questions for Blogmas this year. Today’s question:

Would you rather meet Santa or Frosty?

Oh I would love to meet Frosty as I love snowmen better than Santa, though I do have to admit meeting Santa would probably give me a lot of points with my students. Nope I’m sticking with Frosty. Maybe he could give me pointers on how to survive happily while being freezing all the time😜🤪🤣

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. Would Frosty’s advice be worthwhile? It’s necessary that he stay cold.

    My choice of Christmas characters to meet would not be either of these two. It’s a fun game, though.

  2. you don’t have to meet Santa, remember every teacher has his direct phone number and e-mail… lots of connection there!

    I’m glad you put on the Christmas music and baked cookies. Don’t forget to spend part of the days doing something for you. I had another thought to make it feel holiday— well sort of… what about doing some knitting or crafting to donate to those less fortunate? blankets to donate to a hospital? socks for the homeless. the feeling of doing something good for others always brings out the holiday spirit

    1. Oh right, i did threaten to talk to Santa this last week🤣
      I had had the same thought, but after contacting some local places it seems like people aren’t accepting anything this year that isn’t brand new and sealed in plastic:(

  3. It’s such a joy to visit your blog again:) I would definitely like to visit with Frosty. I was just thinking about him the other day–and his magical hat that makes him come to life. Such a great back story. Cheers!

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