I can’t believe it’s already Wednesday!! It was definitely a busier day today.

I met up with two friends from work (my usual two) and we headed up to the mountain to go snowshoeing. I was super excited because I had gotten new snowshoes at the end of winter 2019 but didn’t get to use them last year.

Unfortunately I didn’t get to use them today either:( We got halfway up the mountain and got turned around as there was no more public parking. We had planned to do the free provincial park trail, but weren’t even allowed up. We ended up going for a walk in a nearby park.

There were a ton of stairs, but it was gorgeous and worth the climb. It was nice and quiet too!

We had lunch on the way home at Colony which turned out to be a lovely bar and grill. The burger and salad was fine, but nothing I need to drive over there for again.


I decided a walk didn’t count towards my run streak so I went for a short run when I got back home. It was just a short run to the park and back for 3km. Something has got to be better than nothing!


I finally got my sister in law’s toque finished for the second time.

It seems huge to me, but I decided to put the pompom on and if she wants it smaller or bigger, I’ll change it on Christmas.

I decided to start on another toque in case my nephew will wear one.


The awesome Abbey has come up with twelve would you rather questions around the season. Today’s question is:

Would you rather put up Christmas lights for all the neighbors or wrap the gifts for all extended family?

I would definitely rather wrap gifts! First of all, nobody would want lights put up where I could reach🤣😜

Secondly, as a kid I always wrapped all the gifts for the whole family so doing so for the extended family would be no problem. I love knowing what people are getting, way more than being surprised, so this would definitely work for me!

Have fun!


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