It’s been a good day!

It started with an awesome coffee chat with Kathy who is as wonderful as her blog makes her seem! Thanks Kathy- it gave me something to look forward to and was a lovely way to start my Christmas Eve!

I then proceeded to go for a run with Dennis. We got a very respectable 7km done, but had to run the main road because the sidewalks were still too icy:(

After a coffee with him, I came home to a FaceTime with my brother and his family. We had to play Among Us (according to my niece and nephew) and I had flashbacks of being stuck in a hole in Minecraft. Age is not making me better at video games.

I did some knitting on my current black toque and had a nap before going to join my friend Lyndsay for Christmas Eve pizza tradition. We played celebrities and it was a fun night!


I can’t believe how bad I am at getting these done. I’m going to have to do multiple questions tonight!

The awesome Abbey developed would you rather questions for Blogmas this year.

Would you rather wear a light up necklace or a red nose during the season?

I would definitely go with the light up necklace. I have the tradition going that for every school day in December I wear red or green and Christmas jewelry so this really wouldn’t be that different for me. As well, I don’t really like having things touching my face so the red nose would drive me crazy!

The final question is: would you rather bake or eat Christmas treats?

I would much rather bake the treats than eat them. I loved it when I was young and living at home. I could bake a ton of things, leave them on the counter and they would all be gone by morning. Big brothers are good for some things. Now I don’t let myself bake much because I just eat it all 😥

Well merry Christmas to you all!


20 thoughts on “Happy Christmas Eve

  1. I enjoyed your answers. I, too, would prefer jewelry to a red nose. In fact, I had earrings that lit up some years ago.

    Baking or eating treats — I like both, but I’d have to vote for eating treats. I didn’t like the results on the scales in January, though.

  2. “Peace on earth will come to stay when we live Christmas every day.” – Quote by Helen Steiner Rice

    May you have a wonderful and beautiful Christmas with your loved ones.

  3. Aww, thanks AJ! I am happy to hear that your day went well after our delightful conversation. I kept thinking that we must have already met, because we were so comfortable chatting! I feel like we are old friends.😉

  4. How wonderful that you were able to visit with Kathy! Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to meet our blogging friends in real life?
    I would rather bake than eat and I would rather wear the light-up necklace, but wouldn’t be opposed to the red nose…

      1. I am super shy in real life. At parties I just go from one family member to another. I write my blog posts as though I’m telling my mom about my day.

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