Shucks I just realized that yesterday was the last Saturday of the month. Abbey, Kathy, and I always try to take on Sally’s Baking Challenge each month.

This month the challenge was Stained Glass cookies. I have learned this month that these are really just sugar cookies with a decorative touch in the middle.

My cookies weren’t wonderful but also weren’t horrible. They were quite easy to make and the instructions were very clear, but I just didn’t love the taste of the cookie. Maybe I will try a different gluten free, dairy free version of a sugar cookie and see if I like it more.

Make sure you check out Abbey and Kathy as their baking product always look amazing!

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Stretching Ny Skills with Sally

  1. Oops! I was busy making my own cookies, and totally forgot about Sally! I made thumbprint cookies and sugar cookies, so almost got there without realizing! I promise I’ll do January!

      1. I decided to make my own baking challenge for 2021!! I made a list of all the bakeware I have and I chose 12 different ones. Then I’ll choose one for the month and bake something that uses that baking tool!!

      2. Oh that’s cool! I may actually take a break for a bit as I’m trying to get away from sugar and I’m not allowed to take any treats into wirk

  2. Aj I cannot bake worth a lick. YOUR stained glass cookies are beautiful!

    I am making a point of thanking my blog pals for the efforts, and the honesty they bring to our community table in every post. We reach deep down somedays and share where others can judge us. I find the Craft blog community very supportive . So I want to say thanks. Your knitting is sensational and I loved seeing more of it this year. Thanks

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