So this year I kept a notebook in which I recorded all runs, workouts, bike rides and yoga/ stretching sessions. I often questioned why I was doing this because I have a Garmin, but it turned out it was a good thing because there were a few times when my Garmin didn’t record! I have to say I didn’t record any walks because I walk to work every day and have often socialized this year by walking, so to keep it simple, I did not record any of these. I don’t think one book would have been enough!

Overall Totals:

I was active in some way 299 days, which is 82% of the time.


I ran 1,450.67km this year.

I ran for a total of 160:54:38 hours.

I had an average pace of 6:51/km. I had trouble with this stat because I slow down to run with my running buddy Sarah, and didn’t feel like this really reflected my increased abilities, but I also know I need slow runs and Sarah makes sure I take those.

January- 17 runs for 72.25km

February-16 runs for 77.74km

March-20 runs for 116.33km

April-21 runs for 142.02km

May-21 runs for 152.79km

June-21 runs for 107.23km

July-20 runs for 126.36km

August-23 runs for 131.05km

September-11 runs for 68.05km

October-18 runs for 100.62km

November-17 runs for 120.3km

December-25 runs for 128.41km

I like how consistent I was for April,May and June.


This includes both cardio routines and weights and the combination of both.

I worked out for 76:44:52.

I worked out on 188 days this year.

January- 22 days

February-14 days

March-26 days

April-21 days

May- 20 days

June-17 days

July- 15 days

August- 18 days

September-15 days

October-10 days

November-11 days

December-10 days

I really don’t like seeing the decreasing trend here! I guess that explains why my running felt so much easier in April, May, June and so much more difficult at the end of the year.


I biked for 12:37:37

I biked 123.12km (this is somewhat of an estimate as I’m really bad at starting my watch when I’m on a bike).

I biked 15 times this year.

This is probably the most I have biked since I was a tween. I really noticed on the last ride how much more comfortable I was.


I did yoga for 14:58:31 this year

I did yoga 50 times this year.

My yoga was all over the place, but definitely not consistent:(

I burned a total of 84, 280 calories this year.

Strava tells me that my most consistent day was Sunday which totally makes sense because that is the day I meet a group for a long run.

However, my data tells me that Saturday was my most consistent day to do exercise of some kind.

Monday- 42 times

Tuesday-42 times

Wednesday-43 times

Thursday-38 times

Friday-43 times

Saturday-46 times

Sunday-45 times

I do love seeing that all of these numbers are close. It’s also a good thing I literally just signed up for a Thursday exercise class!

Well, I went back and looked at last year and I ran about 249km more and spent 14 more hours running this year. At least I know I’m improving and hopefully I will continue to do so next year!

Have fun!


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