I’m going to do a series of wrap up posts as I love numbers and to review my year, but I’ll do them separately so you all can avoid reading the ones that don’t interest you.

According to Ravelry:

I completed 50 knitting projects in 2020. My goal was just forty so I think that’s pretty good. I actually did a few more than that as some projects contain more than one item.

13 sweaters

17 toques

9 cowl/scarf/shawl

2 pairs of socks

3 pairs of booties

5 headbands/ear warmers

1 baby blanket

1 market bag

When did I do all this knitting? Well,…

January – 8 projects

February- 10 projects

March- 10 projects

April- 2 projects

May- 4 projects

June- 1 project

July- 1 project

August- 2 projects

September- 2 projects

October- 3 projects

November- 2 projects

December- 5 projects

Wow I never realized I knit so much more at the start of the year than during the rest of the year. I also had thought the quarantine time would be the most projects, but obviously I did almost no knitting during quarantine.

Looking at my pictures, I realize I’m not a huge colour work person, but I do really like texture or interest in my projects.

I think the projects I am most proud of are the baby booties I made for a friend’s new nephew as I had to crochet and knit and I had to figure parts out for myself.

Sweater wise I am happiest with my most recent finish- the Instillness Mini by Alicia Plummer. This isn’t a tough knit, but I like that I went back and made fixed it so I am completely happy with it!

I also am pleased to say that I used exactly 100 skeins from my stash this year:)

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “2020 Wrap Up Knitting

    1. Oh I have to keep going at that pace to get this stash under control. I inherited my grandma’s stash and she had inherited her sister and brother’s stashes, so I ended up with a lot!

      1. I just can’t get rid of it as it’s god year. It has for in handy this year when I can’t go shopping for yarn

    1. Oh thank you! I never think of myself as a great knitter- just someone who follows patterns, mostly! I can’t wait to see what we both do this new year

  1. Congratulations on 100 skeins used and all your projects. Your record keeping on this and your next post (about exercise) is amazing. If you want a change from teaching you would make a great statistician. 😀

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