I really don’t understand drama queens! I try to have as little drama in my life as possible, but seem people seem to try for as much drama as possible????


The tech worked all day, well except I can’t be lazy and now have to go poke the projector with my meter stick, instead of using the remote. Oh well:(

We tackled long a today in phonics and the kids really seemed to get it:)

We then played What Time Is it Mr. Wild in gym which they seemed to absolutely adore!

In math, we finally watched the counting by 2s video, though most of the children said it didn’t explain it any better than I did. We also played seven rounds of Around the World, though we have yet to get a winner.

This afternoon we had silent reading and a reading group and then Fin came to visit and we worked on a class book about happiness. We didn’t finish the class book because the pictures are made of torn paper. I just don’t know how to inspire one little guy- he puts as little effort as possible into everything:(

I ran home after school and went to my physio appointment.


I actually did some real cooking tonight. I had prepped all my food for the week on Sunday, but then noticed I had an avocado that was ripe so I made the Avocado pasta from Oh She Glows. It was so good! Very quick and easy too. Here is the Recipe but it’s really just cook pasta, blend garlic, basil, oil and avocado together and put over drained pasta. Yum yum!!!


I keep forgetting to tell you about a series I just read. It would be perfect for next December. It is the Reindeer Falls series by Jana Aston. The three books are short novellas and were super cute. It is complete fluff, but lots of Christmas elements so it’s good for putting you into the Christmas spirit.


Well I decided to pull my Just a Hat completely out and start over as I didn’t like how tight it was. I am done the ribbing again and am onto the pattern. Hopefully I’ll have it done by the weekend!


I wasn’t planning to exercise at all today, but I want to try and do something everyday so I had thought some yoga would be good. I actually ended up doing the Nourish Move Love 15 minute Low Impact HIIT workout to warm up my muscles that were getting tight after my physio.

I also did 7 minutes of yoga by doing a Pinterest workout of Five Stretches for Poor Posture.

I am finding it quite amazing that I have just done six random yoga routines over the last six days and it has already helped with my psoas that has been bugging me for months. I gotta try to keep this up!

Have fun!


15 thoughts on “Drama

  1. “but then noticed I had an avocado that was ripe” – well caught! There’s your triumph for the week right there! I had one yesterday that promised ripeness from the outside … then wasn’t! I have been dipping in and out of your posts but not commenting as I’ve got all behind with my blog reading, but I’m still here (can’t be anywhere else, locked down in my “local area of your city” as they put it).

    1. Yup I read lots too but don’t comment much. We aren’t much better- no travel and no seeing anyone outside your own household, except I can still go to school with twenty different children in my small classroom🙄

  2. some people just feel the need to be the center of the universe and creating drama is all about that. So annoying. Hope you weren’t the center of this person’s drama.

    it is always hard when you have a kiddo that you feel you can’t motivate/reach. Then one day you will hopefully have that ah ha moment that he goes… I want to do this. Sadly there are years that doesn’t happen until way too late.

    1. No I thankfully was not involved other than to let replacements know the routine.
      Oh I hope he gets it! I’m battling a bit of “he is the centre and can do no wrong”

  3. I think that was my old boss’ problem. He continually stirred the pot! I am thankful there’s been no work drama this week, the nights have been a trial, and that’s more than enough! I am now on Day 11 of yoga and I think it’s starting to make a difference. I am feeling a bit more flexible today. 😊

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