I’m glad that it seems as though my weeks are back to going fast!


We have been doing the Fin’s Friends program all year. This is a program by the Vancouver Canucks about character. We have been studying the book, What Makes Us Happy that is done by a grade 2 class in Quebec. Well the last project is that the kids get to create their own book using torn paper pictures. I like this because its good exercise of fine motor skills. Well this morning I gave time to finish the pictures we started yesterday and we have all but four done. I hope they get finished tomorrow so we can read our book!

The kids had music and I had a prep, but it was wasted because of a fire drill.

We finally got to a counting by 2s math page today. One side was a little tough because it went to 100 and we’ve only been going to 50, but we used an interactive hundred chart on the smart board first and most kids were able to do it with the help of that.

This afternoon we had silent reading/ guided reading. I’ve been really loving these lessons lately as the kids are soaking up the info really well. Today though I had my little guy who just cannot sit still. He is in constant motion. I can only imagine how horrible that must feel inside his body and unfortunately my district does no testing of kids for ADHD until grade three or four. If anyone has good ideas of how to help him, I’d love to hear it! I send him on lots of breaks to return things for me, etc. and we do lots of movement breaks in class too, but he is still wired.

Finally we started an art project on types of line. I love it when my art actually teaches a concept:)

After school I got the most exciting news! My principal came around to ask if I had been sent info about the home reading program. No, I’ve been waiting since March of last year🙄. Well she came again to ask if I’d be willing to be the school co-ordinator of this program. Sure. Within twenty minutes I had the email from the district and I will hopefully be setting up teacher accounts tomorrow🎊🎉

This also solved another problem for me. I had been asked who my low readers were and I had named three and sure enough now they want me to tell parents that they should have Lexia. I just don’t feel right about doing this yet. It’s only January of grade one, the kid struggling the most is a December- born boy, and they missed four months of school last year and have not had home reading at all this year yet. I don’t want to alarm parent unnecessarily. Well when I heard about the home reading program coming through, I’ve decided to say that I am going to put the kids on this, talk to the parents about the importance of doing this daily, and then see where they are at spring break. If they are still struggling, then we’ll look at a more intrusive intervention. I’m all about early intervention, but these littles haven’t exactly had normal yet in their school careers!


I made it home just in time for a quick run with Dennis. I felt bad about limiting him to a quick run to the mill again, but I didn’t want to push my knee too much. It turned out okay though as he was sore from skiing yesterday. I was beating myself up about my low mileage this week, but then realized I’m hurt and I’m still ahead in mileage than I was last year at this time.

This evening I also managed a one minute plank and six minutes of yoga.

I’m trying to concentrate on the good things I do and not be too upset at myself for the four chocolates I’ve had at work this week after I told myself I was trying to avoid sugar this year.


I finished my toque and I am so glad I went back and redid it!! The Just a Hat pattern is free on Ravelry and it was a quick and easy pattern to follow. I did it in Cascade in charcoal with a black Pom Pom. I did omit the last six rows of the pattern to account for my smaller size as I didn’t want it to be a slouchy hat. I also did it with 84 stitches, rather than 96.

I don’t have a lot of hats, so I have one more in mind.

Sorry about the poor picture- it’s winter and nighttime here.

My next project is a cowl for the teacher next door to me. I think I’m going to try marling for the first time.

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve!

  1. I have a kid with ADHD and I am an adult with ADHD. It’s good you recognize he needs to move. My oldest had to move to learn at that age. For example,to start kindergarten he had to memorize our address and phone number, but he struggled with it. I put him on his little bicycle and he rode around while repeating them and he got it immediately. I hope there is a way to work in movement for him that isn’t a distraction to the rest of the class. I know that’s a challenge.

  2. sounds like things are starting to smooth out. This is such a hard year to say kids are struggling as the world is struggling. nothing is normal and society needs to see that there is other learning than what is happening in a book. I hope that the at home reading is done with these families and they can see that spending that one on one time with their child will make a difference in more ways than one.

    ADHD is hard on kids. Yes they need more time to move around, but they need to move when learning too. I found these students often do better if they don’t have to sit in their chair. I typically let the students move around when doing work and most of my more active kids either chose to stand or lay down “down on your belly, up on your elbows” to work. Have you done any looking into heavy work? bungee cord on the legs of the chair, fidget items?

    1. Yup he often stands to work, and I’ve given him a fidget and a wiggle cushion. Was actually just thinking about heavy lifting yesterday. Maybe I’ll put two reams of paper in a backpack and try that

  3. Hurray for the reading program, and double hurray that you are coordinating….you are probably the most motivated in the school, and now you don’t have to wait for someone else to get around to it! I bet you little guy is also a kinesthetic learner…or maybe he’s that and not so ADHD, I think they can look much the same. If he’s interested in an experiment, maybe you could set his desk back further so he’s more behind the others, so he can stand up and move a bit and not disrupt the others. If that’s possible, I would make him a boundary line with masking tape, so he has a clear zone that is “approved for movement.”

  4. Aj, You Hats are amazing.
    I don’t know how to bring this thought together but My Cat Beatles is doing really well on a leash. I want to take him to the library reading programs when they return. IN the mean time, I wish students, like yours could read to Beatles. 🙂

  5. Congrats about the home reading program, AJ!!
    My daughter was volunteering (before COVID) to read with young children who struggled. One of the students had ADHD and she told me about how hard it was for him to keep still and pay attention. But she worked hard to help him and learned later that he passed the grade he was in and moved on, which made my daughter so happy. They have since discontinued the program. She really liked helping that little boy. I don’t have any suggestions for you unfortunately, but just wanted to share that tidbit.
    Don’t be hard on yourself about the four chocolates. I eat at least a few pieces of chocolate every day. 🙃

    1. Marling is mixing colours together so you get pops of different colours. I held three different yarns together for this cowl.

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