How does this day keep showing up???


The best part of the day was getting my students excited about the RAZ Kids program we can now use for home reading. A lot of them have already started tonight which makes me super happy!!

We also got through music, gym where we played line soccer which I used to play in gym class. I guess a classic is a classic for a reason.

This afternoon we started our unit on Animals in Winter. This is one of my favorite units as there are some fun experiments to do.

We also had a stroke of luck and had nice enough weather that we got to go outside and play at the end of the day.

A pretty good Monday!


After a very long staff meeting, I came home and did my plank for the day and some yoga. I have really gotten into this little bit of yoga each day. I hope it’s doing something good for me.


I have been tackling the second sleeve of my grey sweater and I’m sorry to say it’s been no easier to take apart than the first!😖😖😖

Well that’s it for me as I stayed up way too late last night. Have fun!


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