I had a quiet, but nice weekend.

I started Saturday by going out and getting a trim on my hair. It’s my first since December 2019. I then spent two days trying to figure out if I wanted to go through with “the blonding” the stylist recommended to match my winter and summer colours. In the end, I decided not to.


I also managed to meet up with my friend Em for a walk on Saturday afternoon since we actually had sunshine. It was so nice to spend some with a close friend!


I got a cowl finished for the teacher next door to me. Hers had been looking pretty shabby. It’s the first time I have marled by holding three strands together, but it won’t be the last:)

On Sunday I got one sleeve of my grey sweater redone so it was longer and skinnier and hopefully I will get the second done sometime this week.

Sunday started with my usual run, though it was only 5km today since my knee is still very colourful and slightly sore. It was still nice to get out!

I also managed some yoga and a light, easy on the knees workout both days.

Finally, I finished my sourdough starter and just couldn’t help myself from trying it out.

It looked wonderful, but was raw inside. Of course that didn’t stop me from eating the edges and crust. Who can resist hot out of the oven bread?

Reading wise I am on the third book of a Lindzee Armstrong series. This will be my last of the series as this one covers the last character I was interested in. They are good, but every book has a character I have a tough time with for most of the book.

Well I have to start my day, have fun!


23 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap Up

    1. It was a good weekend! I am trying to be good to my knee but am starting to worry as it’s now been over a week and it’s still sore

    1. I did wonder if maybe I needed to let it rise longer. I just couldn’t wait any longer because it was so late at night. I’m already paying for that 10:30

  1. The yarn blend is very pretty on that cowl, excellent color choices. My sourdough adventures have been quite hit and miss, I am going to try again in the summer I think.

    1. Oh I am hoping to keep going on it so I don’t have to redo the starter. Gf flour is so expensive, I don’t want to waste it. Of course, all that bread in the house isn’t great either

  2. The cowl scarf looks so pretty. I bet the teacher loved it. I tried sourdough too. We used it to make pancakes and scones then gave up on keeping it fed. Never made bread though.

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