It was just another day.


I started the day by giving prizes for the kids who did home reading last night. I had eleven kids read on RAZ Kids last night and am hoping the four prizes I gave away will inspire the others.

We tackled the long e today and most of the kids did great! The students really seem to have turned a corner on their vowels since they came back from winter break.

We did a wonder wall! I have been wanting to do this for a few years since I saw it on Instagram and with our new unit about animals in winter, this was the perfect time to set it up. We talked about shallow and deep questions and I was pretty impressed that most of the questions were really thoughtful.

In the afternoon we started learning about migration- our first sub theme.

I left school quickly for my massage appointment.


I am still taking apart the sleeve:( I had better wear this sweater a lot once it is fixed!


Who was the co star to Lucille Starr?

Desi Arnaz Jr.

Who is on the front of the Canucks jersey?

Johnny Canuck

Who is the host of the bachelor?

Chris Harrison

Who are the actors in Mad About You?

Helen Hunt, Paul Reiser

What city was in the poem Casey at Bat?


In the music round, the categories were:

Bands of Colour

Single Named

Cowboy songs

Michael Jackson

Hits of 2018

In the Kahoot round:

Which author committed suicide?

Ernest Hemingway

Which country did Columbus sail for?


Which country is the most recent gold winner in Olympic hockey?


What was the name of George Clooney’s character in Oceans 11?

Danny Ocean

In the last round we knew:

Who played Doc in Back to the Future?

Christopher Lloyd

Who has stolen the most bases in baseball?

Ricky Henderson

What is the book of the New Testament that comes after Matthew, Mark, Luke and John?


What is Adele’s biggest hit?


Amazingly we won the final round and we were shocked!! Of course that meant I had to stay up later:(

Have fun!


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